10 Of The MOST Shared Anime Videos Online, According To Buzzsumo (2018)

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Because of how the internet works, anime videos gain the most shares from YouTube. At least before it starts reaching networks like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other websites.

And this is true whether the video is:

  • Original.
  • Fan-made.
  • Parody.
  • Trailers.

Or anything in between.

After gathered some data from Buzzsumo, a social media tool, only 9 videos managed to get over 1000+ social media shares.

Let’s talk about that.

NOTE: All the data in this post was pulled from Buzzsumo’s search engine. Using the words “anime” to gather the most shared content.


The Most Shared Anime Videos (2018):


1. BLADE RUNNER 2049 – “Black Out 2022” Anime Short (50,700+ shares)

It’s no surprise this anime video is #1. Blade Runner is an old-school film, being turned into an anime series.

And that’s not all: the director of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo is also working on Blade Runner.

This is a BIG deal for the anime community and Blade Runner itself.



game of thrones was an anime

This shouldn’t be too surprising to see on this list.

Game Of Thrones is a massive series. And this clever short video of how it would look as an anime was destined to gain attention from the start.


3. The SpongeBob SquarePants Original Anime – OP 1 (44,300+ shares)


Who doesn’t know what Spongebob Square pants is these days?

There’s no better way to attract massive amounts of attention in the anime world by taking something like Spongebob, and creating an original “anime-short” out of it.


4. The Fairly OddParents Anime Original Animation (33,800+ shares)

the fairly odd parents anime

The Fairly Odd Parents becomes an anime, with a short battle-scene for an extra dose of humor.

This will only make sense if you’re aware of the cartoon.


5. When Someone Walks In On You Watching Anime (25,700+ shares)

how anime be everytime someone walks in on you

You know how it feels when you’re watching anime and someone walks in on you, right?

This video is ON POINT and highlights what that looks like… And there’s no better way to explain it then to show it through video footage. 😉


6. Fullmetal Alchemist Trailer (2017) Live Action Anime (17,400+ shares)

fullmetal alchemist trailer live action

Fullmetal Alchemist is literally one of the top 5 anime of ALL time for its popularity.

And it’s one of the few anime I’d say deserves a live action series… Because the style of the anime lends itself to realism, unlike what we’ve seen with shows like DBZ.


7. What if THOR RAGNAROK had an anime opening? (14,800+ shares)

if thor had an anime opening

This video takes Thor Ragnarok, and blends it with anime opening music. With cuts from Thor Ragnarok spread out through the entire video.

And it’s done well, all things considered.


8. The SpongeBob SquarePants Original Anime – OP 2 (14,800+ shares)

spongebob anime 2

Spongebob is back again, with a 2nd follow-up to the first original animation.

This just speaks to how insanely popular the cartoon is.


9. How to be an Anime Superhero! (12,200+ shares)

how to be an anime superhero

This guy has 20 million+ subscribers and makes hilarious videos consistently. So it’s not surprising to see Ryan’s video on this list.

It’s so ON POINT.


10. When anime uses CGI to save money during battle scene (10,300+ shares)

when an anime cgi saves money

One thing you can never argue about when it comes to anime, is sometimes the animation is SLOPPY.

This happens when an anime studio gets lazy and tries “doing it on the cheap“. Which ironically makes it so bad to watch the anime suffers.

This isn’t always true but it’s obvious why it’s harmful to the success of some anime series.

What are your thoughts?


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