10 Of The Most Shared Anime Articles On The Internet, According To BuzzSumo (2018)

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In case you don’t know what Buzzsumo is, it’s a platform for discovering content and measuring how many people have shared it on social media.

The data is gathered from:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Reddit.
  • Pinterest.

Because anime is still so niche, it hasn’t smashed big numbers like Buzzfeed would (which is in the millions of shares). But that’s not the only reason.

I just don’t think 99% of anime sites and owners are thinking about milestones when it comes to content. In contrast, Buzzfeed is, that’s why it’s so damn popular for its content.

Whether you hate it or not.

Going back to anime for a second, this kind of data can’t be found on the internet. So I thought I’d create it myself by using Buzzsumo’s platform.

Of all the anime sites (and websites that also publish anime content) these sites below have the most shared articles online.


How I gathered the data

I searched keywords on Buzzsumo like “anime” to see which websites came up, related to the word “anime”.

But since that’s limited to the word anime, I then searched by domain. Choosing the most popular anime sites we all know of (Crunchyroll, ANN, etc) to make sure I find the most shared content without missing anything.

After doing that, this is what it lead me to…


Top Anime Articles Online With The MOST Social Shares:


1. Dad Turns His Sons’ Doodles Into Anime Characters (185,000 shares)

buzzsumo anime article

dad turns sons doodles into anime

anime dad sons doodles

Taken from Boredpanda.com, The gist of this article is as it describes. A talented father turns his sons “anime doodles” into real characters. Essentially transforming them from basic drawings to something special.

There are 5 parts to this article all together. And it’s not surprising why it did so well, since it has shock value (and it’s impressive).


2. Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger Costume Definitely Honors His Anime Love (129,116 shares)

michael b jordan anime

screenrant anime article

Taken from screenrant.com, this article takes advantage of a celebrity actor’s costume seen in Black Panther. Which hints personal interest in anime. So based on that alone, it’s easy to see why it has so many shares.

It mentions someone famous + combines that with anime. Add that to their large audience and you have a winning article with a lot of shares.


3. Oda Reveals One Member of The Strawhats Crew Will Die In One Piece (126,798 shares)

oda one piece die otakukart

Otakukart anime article

In 3rd place, Otakukart is surprisingly the 3rd article taken from a dedicated anime site. #1 and #2 aren’t dedicated to anime at all.

Again, it’s easy to see why this anime article has so many shares…

  • It’s about One Piece. The #1 selling manga series in the world.
  • It’s been ongoing for more than a decade, with a following that puts your average anime/manga to shame.

All things considered, this “spoiler” by Otakukart, and the massive social shares that followed shouldn’t be surprising. It makes a lot of sense.


4. Japanese Woman Recreates Food From Miyazaki Films And Other Anime (118,600 shares)

japanese woman recreates food anime

boredpanda anime article

4th we have the website: boredpanda.com (again) with a twist. A Japanese woman takes anime food seen in Miyazaki films, and recreates them. Down to the last detail.

So it’s no wonder it looks so good (part of the reason it has so many shares). And besides, who doesn’t love anime food?


5. Blade Runner Is Getting A Short Anime From Cowboy Bebop’s Director (112,800 shares)

kotaku 112,600 shares

kotaku - blade runner anime post

Cowboy Bebop is a famous anime series, considered legendary by a lot of fans. So when you combine that with the director of Cowboy Bebop making an anime of an old school film… This is bound to be the result.

Especially on a website like Kotaku (one of the biggest anime sites online). Covering both games and anime culture.


6. One Piece Just Revealed Shanks’ Son (85,481 shares)

one piece reveal otakukart

one piece shanks reveals son otakukart

Otaku Kart shows up again, this time in 6th place.

Like their other popular articles, they focus on a niche of anime shows (DBZ, One Piece, Naruto).

And when they reveal a massive spoiler or something shocking about these shows, fans eat it up like they’re starved of food. And the amount of social shares reflects that.


7. Top 10 Strongest Pirates Ever in the New World (83,749 shares)

top 10 pirates otakukart

otakukart top 10 strongest pirates

You can see how popular One Piece is based on the articles in this post. I can only assume no other blog on the internet has created this type of post before.

If not that, no other blog online is more trusted than Otakukart when it comes to anime news for One Piece. Since they specialize in it.

The shares speaks for itself.


8. Crazy Fans Discovered Real Life One Piece Characters (80,778 shares)

otakukart crazy fans real life one piece

crazy fans discover real life one piece characters

And again, Otakukart has made it multiple times throughout this post. The reason for so many shares with this post is obvious… It’s all about shock value, surprise, and uniqueness.

It’s not the kind of post you can pull out of your pocket in a hurry. It takes serious research (not the fun kind) and a lot of effort to discover it before anyone else.

And it helps that Otakukart has writers dedicated to One Piece, boosting its share count and popularity even more.


9. Bulma’s Voice Actress Hiromi Tsuru Has Died (73,400 shares)

bulma voice actress died kotaku

bulma voice actress dead kotaku news

It makes me sad when someone dies, especially the way people in the anime industry die so often. The past few years have proved this.

It’s obvious why this article has so many shares, it deserves every share it managed to get.

I won’t get into the “why”, but it’s a blatant problem we see too often in the anime industry.


10. Netflix is taking on a vast amount of new Anime (66,369 shares)

netflix taking on anime explica

netflix article by explica co

And in 10th place we have this article from Explica.co, talking about Netflix’s push into the anime industry.

It was big news at the time, so the shares are justified. And it’s even bigger news today since Netflix has made more moves than ever before with producing anime.

Personally though I’m not a fan of their catalogue so far.


Honorable Mentions:


Facts gathered from this data by Buzzsumo:

  • The most popular anime articles were created by websites that have nothing to do with anime.
  • Despite Anime News Network and Crunchyroll being the biggest sites in the industry… They have some of the least shares compared to other sites.
  • Otakukart is the highest performing anime website on the internet (in terms of social shares).
  • Kotaku has slightly more shares per article than Anime News Network and Crunchyroll.
  • Despite Otakumode having the most Facebook likes (20M+) of any anime site, they’re nowhere to be found on this list. Which tells you social media followers don’t mean sh** in terms of shares.
  • Despite the size of websites like Honeysanime (smaller than ANN, but larger than most) they were nowhere to be found on this list.
    • In comparison, Anime Motivation (which is smaller than Honeysanime by social media followers) has more shares regardless.
    • This tells you that content matters much more than vanity metrics like social media followers and “likes”.
  • Also: even though MyAnimeList isn’t what you’d call a “content” site, they do publish lots of it. And even they were nowhere to be seen.



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