Top 100 Anime Websites In The World, According To (2018)

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Ever wondered what the biggest anime websites in the world are?

Subjectively you can think of big anime websites like Anime News Network… But there’s so much more than just ANN.

Until now, nobody has reported any data of the biggest anime websites, statistically. So I thought I’d be the first.

Note: All the anime data gathered is taken from, which is visible for paid/trial accounts only.

Another note: Alexa ranks the top 100 anime sites based on traffic and pageviews in the last 30 days.

Let’s get started…


Top 100 Anime Websites In The World:


Top 100 Anime Websites (

1Sankaku ComplexFounded: 2008Monthly Visitors: 4,363,696
2animefreak.tvFounded: 2008Monthly Visitors: 5,989,246
3Anime News NetworkFounded: 1998Monthly Visitors: 4,793,717
4pokemon.comFounded: 1998Monthly Visitors: 3,956,471
5Anime-PlanetFounded: 2002Monthly Visitors: 3,617,686
6gaiaonline.comFounded: 2002Monthly Visitors: 4,838,739
7viz.comFounded: 1994Monthly Visitors: 2,340,775
8Anime LyricsFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: 708,680
9Anime-ExpoFounded: 1994Monthly Visitors: 1,261,235
10Naruto BaseFounded: 2007Monthly Visitors: 185,952
11FanimeFounded: 1995Monthly Visitors: 604,427
12Anime Characters DatabaseFounded: 2007Monthly Visitors: 223,976
13cosplay.comFounded: 2002Monthly Visitors: 298,768
14momocon.comFounded: 2004Monthly Visitors: 445,879
15boyis.comFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: Unknown
16animesuki.comFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: 158,844
17Anime NorthFounded: 1998Monthly Visitors: Unknown
18a-kon.comFounded: 1998Monthly Visitors: 327,395
19animecons.comFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: 272,204
20Fanexpo CanadaFounded: 2005Monthly Visitors: Unknown
21One Piece OfficialFounded: 2007Monthly Visitors: 200,347
22ichigos.comFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: 97,371
23acen.orgFounded: 1997Monthly Visitors: 180,549
24otakon.comFounded: 1996Monthly Visitors: 207,926
25Anime Music VideosFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: 80,156
26AnimeMojoFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: 179,611
27Poke DreamFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: 196,235
28well-of-souls.comFounded: 1998Monthly Visitors: 124,968
29The SpectrumFounded: 1998Monthly Visitors: 79,803
30The OtakuFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: 77,492
31Macross WorldFounded: 1999Monthly Visitors: 136,733
32Colossal Con/Founded: 2002Monthly Visitors: 164,852
33Anime MidwestFounded: 2011Monthly Visitors: 120,277
34mahq.netFounded: 2002Monthly Visitors: Unknown
35Anime NextFounded: 2002Monthly Visitors: 124,442
36How 2 Draw MangaFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
37AnimazementFounded: 1998Monthly Visitors: 109,426
38AnimeCraveFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: Unknown
39yuricon.comFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: Unknown
40rubberslug.comFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: Unknown
41acparadise.comFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: Unknown
42animenfo.comFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
43skullknight.netFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
44anime.comFounded: 1996Monthly Visitors: Unknown
45yayahan.comFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: Unknown
46animefest.orgFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: 66,243
47animecon.nlFounded: 2002 (Wayback Machine)Monthly Visitors: Unknown
48awa-con.comFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
49animeigo.comFounded: 1995Monthly Visitors: Unknown
50Metro ConventionsFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: Unknown
51Anime CubedFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
52Anime BoardsFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
53sacanime.comFounded: 2005Monthly Visitors: Unknown
54ohayocon.orgFounded: 2005Monthly Visitors: Unknown
55anime-evo.netFounded: 2008Monthly Visitors: Unknown
56nausicaa.netFounded: 1997Monthly Visitors: Unknown
57Animin NeapolisFounded: 2010Monthly Visitors: Unknown
58otafest.comFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: Unknown
59tokyointulsa.comFounded: 2006Monthly Visitors: Unknown
60Anime Boston.comFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: Unknown
61animeoasis.orgFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: Unknown
62Saboten ConFounded: 2007Monthly Visitors: Unknown
63Port Con MaineFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
64san-japan.orgFounded: 2006Monthly Visitors: Unknown
65kumoricon.orgFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: Unknown
66sailormusic.netFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
67animeiowa.comFounded: 1999Monthly Visitors: Unknown
68Hell-girl.wikia.comFounded: N/AMonthly Visitors: Unknown
69jafax.orgFounded: 2001Monthly Visitors: Unknown
70moonkitty.netFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
71animea.netFounded: 2005Monthly Visitors: Unknown
72ndkdenver.orgFounded: 2005Monthly Visitors: Unknown
73manga.comFounded: 1995Monthly Visitors: Unknown
74Anime RulezzzFounded: 2006Monthly Visitors: Unknown
75connecticon.orgFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: Unknown
76Cosplay IslandFounded: 2007Monthly Visitors: Unknown
77Destinys GatewayFounded: 2004Monthly Visitors: Unknown
78animanga.comFounded: 1996Monthly Visitors: Unknown
79gearsonline.netFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: Unknown
80themanime.orgFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
81Anime Festival OrlandoFounded: 2004Monthly Visitors: Unknown
82ohtori.nuFounded: 2002 (Wayback Machine)Monthly Visitors: Unknown
83Spacecat SambaFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: Unknown
84Anime ThemeFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
85QC AnimezingFounded: 2009Monthly Visitors: Unknown
86furinkan.comFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
87dothackers.netFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: Unknown
88ikkicon.comFounded: 2005Monthly Visitors: Unknown
89Liberty City AnimeconFounded: 2012Monthly Visitors: Unknown
90Medabots WikiFounded: N/AMonthly Visitors: Unknown 1996Monthly Visitors: Unknown
92robotech.comFounded: 1998Monthly Visitors: Unknown
93sakuracon.orgFounded: 1999Monthly Visitors: Unknown
94Anime MidatlanticFounded: 2000Monthly Visitors: Unknown
95Castlepoint AnimeFounded: 2007Monthly Visitors: Unknown
96Anime GalleriesFounded: 2003Monthly Visitors: Unknown
97Seaslug Team - (UPDATE - No longer an Anime website)Founded: 2004Monthly Visitors: Unknown
98Production IgFounded: 2002Monthly Visitors: Unknown
99Online GhibliFounded: 2002Monthly Visitors: Unknown
100japanaradio (UPDATE - Website not working during the time of this post)Founded: 2001Monthly Visitors: Unknown


How to use this data

Alexa is owned by Amazon, so they have tons of data on visitors worldwide. From all kinds of countries, websites, devices and so on.

But they’re not perfect (no data company is) so use this to discover new anime websites and blogs.

Or share it with your friends who you think would benefit (or be interested in) this content.

This is the first “top 100” anime post of its kind from a statistical point of view, so it should be interesting for anime fans everywhere.


Facts gathered from this data on anime websites:

  • Almost 100% of the biggest websites have been around since 1996-2003.
  • Less than 1% of anime sites on this list started between 2005-2010.
  • There are HUGE anime websites we’ve never heard of… Because the internet is massive.
  • Almost 100% of anime websites on this list (and the internet in general) are old school.
  • Very few anime sites these days are new, and even less will be around in the next 5+ years.


Share your thoughts in the comments.

And I’ll respond… 🙂


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