3 Tomoyo Sakagami Quotes That Are Overflowing With Wisdom

Tomoya Sakagami

I remember watching the first scene of Clannad. Or at least the first episode or so. And seeing Tomoyo Sakagami kick Youhei’s you know what…

Tomoyo in following episodes is branded as a trouble maker, because of the fights she’s gotten herself in.

But in reality, Tomoyo isn’t as bad as she seemed. She’s intelligent, strong, and even wise. And has a few great quotes in the Clannad series.

Let’s share them!


3 Tomoyo Sakagami Quotes That Are Overflowing With Wisdom.


Tomoyo Sakagami Quotes For Clannad Anime Fans
“I’ve already decided. Getting good grades and listening to teachers can take me somewhere high and far away, but what if that’s not where I want to go?” – Tomoyo Sakagami

A very good question. Sometimes it’s good to think about what it is you’re doing. And whether what you’re doing is going to take you to a place you want to be.

That’s the wisdom behind this one!



Tomoyo Sakagami Quotes For Clannad Anime Fans
“Time and titles do not matter in the bonds between people.” – Tomoyo Sakagami

Bonds are everything. That make or break us in more ways than one. And it’s the very thing that gives us strength and inspiration.

It’s what connects us with each other.


Tomoyo Sakagami Quotes #3

Tomoyo Sakagami Quotes For Clannad Anime Fans
“No matter how cold and distant people may become, on the inside something warm and precious always remains, something that never changes. To me, that’s what family is like.” – Tomoyo Sakagami

In other words, as cold as we can appear on the outside, there’s still something warm on the inside.

And that something is what we push away and keep hidden. But it never goes away.

All it takes is one thing or another to rekindle that fire. The flame that draws us to each other.

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