Tokyo Treat Subscription Box March 2023 Review Let's Take A Look At What's Inside

Tokyo Treat Subscription Box March 2023 Review: Let’s Take A Look At What’s Inside

Back In March 2023, Tokyo Treat sent me another subscription box to test out for the month. And so this is the review for that version of their subscription box.

This isn’t the first one I’ve received.



When you first open the pink box, you have these inside. With some how to guides to make the food that comes with the box, and others showing off pictures of others who’ve had their subscription box.

The QR Code scanner works as well if your in built smartphone camera supports it.

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Tokyo Treat Subscription Box Items:


1. Cider

strawberry cider rotated

This is only a tiny bottle, so despite it being a sugary drink, you’d never have to worry about overdoing it (10g, just over 2 teaspoons).

I love the taste of this and it’s the first thing I reached for since I always enjoy Japanese drinks.

They’re different by design. With much better portions for the type of drink it is compared to what you’d find in the UK or USA I’m sure.


2. Kitkat Peach Flavour

peach kit kat rotated e1680453664221

I never eat chocolates of this kind, but after trying this out and knowing how different it is from what I’m used to (regular KitKat), this peach flavour is actually nice and gives it a better taste,

Not to mention each KitKat peach comes in a tiny little packet rather than a big or an average-sized bar. So as long as you don’t eat the whole thing in one go, it’s a good treat to have.


3. Cola Lolipop Dipper

cola lolipop dipper japan rotated e1680450496890

As you’d expect. It’s cola in the form of a lollipop that you lick. Inside at the bottom is a white powder (not the kind you sell) and it’s used to dip the loli to make it sweeter.

Takes you back to childhood.


4. Kuppy Ramune

kuppy ramune rotated

About as small as a 5 pence piece in the UK. Easy to grab the whole pack and throw it all down since it’s so tiny with a fast dose of sweetness, but not the overly sweetness.


5. Texas Corn Okinomiyaki

texas corn okinomiyaki

As you’d expect from the image and the name somewhat, it’s crunchy, it tastes good, and each one is fairly sized. The pack isn’t big, which is typical of many Japanese products of this kind.

I’d choose these over regular crips If I had to.


6. Ghana Chocolate Cake Bites

ghana chocolate cake bites rotated e1680455542523

Easily my favourite out of the pack. It’s chocolate after all, which is why I don’t overindulge on it. I’d take these over the typical malteasers I used to eat as a kid back in the day.

Either way you can’t go wrong with these.


7. Premium Ghana Truffle

premium ghana chocolate rotated e1680453755891

The cousin of the chocolate cake bites. These have some dark chocolate but not enough to make you cringe or pull a funny face.

In fact, it’s the opposite. Every bit of each bite is good. The coating is different.


8. Sakura Senbei

sakura senbei rotated e1680455693503

Strange set of crisps If I say so myself. Never seen anything like it. The colour of it as the name implies (Sakura is pink like the flower).

As if many snacks on this list, you don’t wanna overdo it or eat them all at once. But it’s nice (not sweet).


9. Sakura Manju

sakura manju

Another favourite food from the list. This manju is sweet, tasty, soft, and easy to bite through. The bean paste is nice.

Small pack, plenty of flavour.


10. Sakura Matcha Cookie Bites

sakura matcha cookie bites

Another favourite from the strange but sweet-tasting foods from this subscription box. These are top contenders for taste. They’re completely different to everything else.

It’s hard to compare it to a food I’ve had in the UK or elsewhere.


11. Spicy Ramen

piri kara spicy ramen rotated

This goes without saying. It’s ramen. A spicy kind of ramen. It even has instructions on how to make it the right way so you can get the best taste out of it.

High carbs, so keep this in mind.


12. Full Moon Pon Cracker

full moon pon cracker rotated

A round cracker. Not soft exactly, but easily broken. Not soft like the Manju, but it is chewy for as long as it lasts.

There are two in the small pack. Each cracker packs a lot.


13. Sour Paper Candy Cola

sour paper candy cola rotated

This is another cola pack but different to the lollipop before. This will remind you of those sweets with sherbert that are long, sugary, and chewy as well.

It’s the same texture, only that the flavour is that of cola.


14. Mini Caplico

mini caplico rotated

There are two versions of these in the box. Both of them taste great. They’re only tiny, in the shape of an ice cream one only much smaller.

The light pink packet (in the image) is the best out of the two, and it’s not overly sweet in the slightest.


And that’s the whole subscription box!

YouTube video

It’s a good introduction to certain Japanese foods from Tokyo Treat (thanks to them).

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