Toei Animation’s “Free” Anime Streaming Service Won’t Get Rid Of Piracy In The Slightest

anilog toei animation service

Toei Animation, and other anime studios like:

  • Kodansha
  • Nippon Animation
  • Tezuka Productions
  • Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions
  • Shinei Animation

All studios have come together (a thing I’ve suggested many times) and created a free streaming service for anime.

The anime streaming service known as Anilog, or AnimeLog is exclusively on YouTube.

Their “hope” is to stop people from torrenting and pirating illegal anime content… But that will never happen.


A statement about anime

“There exists a problem of illegal video distribution service these days, but ‘AnimeLog’ will distribute officially-licensed animations and operate as a safe channel that families can enjoy together,” digital agency Analyzelog said in a statement.

According to Variety, their goal is to have 30 companies providing 3,000 anime titles by 2020.”

A bold attempt and even a praise worthy goal. But it’s not realistic.


Why anime fans pirate and torrent in the first place:


Poor service

anime sigh cells at work

They said it themselves: “there exists a problem with illegal video distribution services these days”.

The only issue is creating a FREE streaming service is like putting a plaster on the issue.

In the short term it might sound exciting, and it might even work to a tiny degree, but in the grand scheme of things? Anime piracy will rule the day and torrenting won’t stop.

Fans aren’t gonna stop doing it just because it sounds good, it actually has to be practical and provide the level of convenience and service that warrants NOT pirating or torrenting anime.

god dammit nako chan manga

Illegal distribution services exist because the anime industry’s service isn’t good enough and has way too many holes in it.

Until they understand that and actually come together to solve it in a big way,this will never change.

Give it a few years and watch how this plays out in Japan.


News source: Variety



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