Tiktok User Says Spy x Family Promotes CHILD Trafficking, Not Just Sexualization

Tiktok User Says Spy X Family Promotes Child Trafficking, Not Just Sexualization
Written by Theo J Ellis

Tiktok is an interesting place when it comes to CONTENT on the internet, usually because of how attention seeking some of it can be.

Not to mention how outright outlandish, self destructive, and out of context it can be.

This is amplified and made 10X worse when it comes to anime because people love using it as a scapegoat and a punching bag for accusations.


What’s the beef?

Over a week ago a Tiktok user claimed the anime is sexualizing Anya, the child character from Spy X Family in the first episode.

That stirred a lot of controversy and the internet blew up. It also made the anime more popular than it would have been without the controversy.

Now, that same Tiktok user is pointing fingers at the 2nd episode of Spy x Family, claiming Anya is being used to promote child trafficking.

This is a vague screenshot of the 2nd episode of Spy X Family where the Tiktok user is claiming child trafficking is being promoted.

These recent Tiktoks which are blatantly out of context and untrue are gaining a LOT of attention, with the first one going viral and spreading across social media.

The fact that it’s getting so much attention only shows how much of a scapegoat anime is, and how effective it is to use anime in this way because so many people believe the accusations without questioning it.


What is Spy x Family?

YouTube video

Spy x Family is a manga adaptation of a successful series with a GOOD amount of sales behind it. The new adaptation has been airing since April 2022 along with Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie, and other wholesome anime.

The plot revolves around espionage, spying, being undercover, working your way into people’s lives to gain information and so on.

Assassinations are also on the table if it’s required for work, making the anime similar to shows like Baccano or Akame Ga Kill.

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