How Anime Figurines Could Look And Behave In The Future

anime futuristic wallpaper

How will technology change the way anime figures work? And when will it happen?

That’s a question I don’t have an answer to yet. But by using my imagination I have an idea of what it could look like.

Last time I talked about the future of anime. Meaning anime shows, TV, production and visuals.

And of course the anime industry in general.

So this time I’m touching on what I believe the future of anime figurines and statue will look like.

If you have any of your own thoughts I’d love to hear them.

Share it in the comments or social media.


The Future of Anime Figures:


1. Your anime figures will be able to talk with you

The Future of Anime Figures And What It Will Look Like

The way I picture it is: your anime figures will be able to communicate with you.

Or at least be able to communicate on “some” level. Even if it’s not able to do a task for you like Google or Cortana.

I can see this being a popular feature wanted by some anime collectors.

Especially if the voice recognition software built in is super realistic.

Imagine Asuna Yuuki, Goku, Naruto or some other character talking to you. As if it’s them stood right beside you.

It’s an interesting thought and we’ll see how things play out in the future of anime figures.


2. Holographic Integration

The Future of Anime Figures And What It Will Look Like
So imagine instead that you’re figures don’t just “talk” while in figure form.

But instead it’s taken a step further. And a holographic image of the real character is projected outward from the figurine.

And is able to communicate, blend in or interact in some way, shape or form.

Something like this is already possible. 

In Japan there’s a holographic assistant (see image above) that reacts to your behavior in real time.

And is able to control your digital devices.

This is just the beginning.

And there’s no reason anime figures can’t get a similar treatment, as long as it makes sense and is convenient for anime fans.

It will have to be done in a way where it doesn’t ruin the experience of collecting figurines. Especially if it’s to be done successfully and commercially.

It would be a massive change after all.

And change isn’t always welcomed or “simple” to integrate into the society we live in.

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The Future of Anime Figures And What It Will Look Like

In the end, nobody knows what the “exact” future of anime figures will look like.

Or the industry in general, but whatever it looks like will be based on what we do today.

And these are definitely good starting points, as few people are having this conversation.

What do you think the future of anime figures could be like?

And what would you want it to look like?

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