Crunchyroll Do Better (feat. Theo J Ellis Of Anime Motivation) Podcast (1)

The Crunchyroll 2023 Anime Awards Results (Our Reactions Feat. Theo J Ellis) Podcast


Welcome back Theo for another round of the Crunchyroll Anime Awards and how we feel about this years winners.

This podcast was originally recorded before spring 2023, but released around August 2023.

In this podcast interview, we talked about Crunchyroll yet again, but from the perspective of the 2023 anime awards.

The winners, as time has shown, never changes no matter how many judges are invited to share their so-called “diverse” opinions that you’d think would vary, but don’t in practice.

My taking part had no influence overall, which is unfortunate, and is probably a thought shared by many judges with any weight, platform, or more importantly common sense.

We talk about this, including the fact I wasn’t invited for this round of judging with Crunchyroll as Sony had other plans after buying Crunchyroll and personally deciding to “cut” the relationship for vague, nefarious reasons which they backtracked on later.

Have a listen!

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