Tencent DENIES Facing Chinese Regulation Restrictions Against Anime & Games

Tencent DENIES Facing Chinese Regulation Restrictions Against Anime Games
Written by Theo J Ellis

Tencent has been in hot water as of late for something spotted by fans on social media and the like. The news broke on February 21st 2022.

All accusations have been denied so far.

If you’re not familiar with who they are, Tencent invested $264M dollars into Kadokawa back in 2021. And they’re a Chinese company.


Tencent aggressively denies Chinese regulation despite evidence

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According to PYMNTS:

“The company issued an “unusually aggressive” response to said speculation, with Zhang Jun, its head of public relations, saying nothing was going on.

“Ask me next time, at least that’s more legit. And I’m not afraid of going on record,” Zhang said on his semi-public WeChat feed, per Bloomberg.”

It continues:

“According to the report, Zhang was poking fun at a post citing an anonymous employee of Tencent, which, before its removal, had been shared a lot on social media.

The post also hinted at another big step in the regulatory crackdown against the internet, with new rules possibly being put in place regarding violence in video games, player spending and concepts like anime and religion.

A screenshot of the alleged new gaming curbs caused a ruckus on the internet. Wang Guanran, an analyst with Citic Securities, clarified that he originally posted the content last year, but he hadn’t posted anything that day.”


True or false?

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We all know the answer. China has been heavily censoring not just anime, but games and other pieces of media for a while now.

In fact the last time they did it was back in 2021, and quite a few times as well.

Tencent’s aggressive response almost seems like a projection because of the intensity of it. If it weren’t true, would that kind of aggression be needed?

It’s a sensitive topic, especially in China, so it’s not out the ordinary to feel some type of way about being questioned about, but history is in favor of the story being true about the  upcoming internet and anime/games censorship.

Let’s see what happens, and where that leads as far as anime in China, and whether it impacts Japan’s involvement in China with anime.


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