Tatsuya Matsuki Sexually Assaulted 2 Girls, So Shounen Jump Decided To CANCEL Act-Age Manga

act age manga series
Written by Theo J Ellis

Sexual assault allegations are no joke, and shouldn’t be treated as one.

Tatsuya Matsuki was accused of sexual assault allegations by minors a few days ago. He was also arrested by police.

Now Shounen Jump, partly thanks to backlash, uproar and internal decisions, will be cancelling the manga series: Act-Age.

They could continue it, but given the circumstances and the lack of direction (without Tatsuya) it won’t be possible.


Shounen Jump statement

This statement was made on their website, and not on their Twitter account.

Act-Age was a manga series with a dedicated following, as proven by the Tweets and responses to this story.

But despite the following of the manga, this is the end of the line.

It’ll continue until 11th of August 2020. After that – the series will come to an end.


News source: Twitter.



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