45+ Sword Art Online T Shirts To Upgrade Your Wardrobe!

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SAO is an iconic anime and the father of the modernday Isekai genre.

Kirito, Lisbeth, Asuna Yuuki, Yuuki Konno, Alice… There are plenty of characters to get T shirts of.

Find T Shirts from:

  • Sword Art Online S1
  • SAO Season 2
  • Alicization

And more in this list at Anime Motivation.

Here’s the best designs to choose from.


1. Straight Outta Aincrad T Shirt

4194399 0

Straight Outta Aincrad T Shirt.

Straight Outta Aincrad T Shirt


2. Alice Cute T Shirt

8746640 0

Alice Cute T Shirt


3. Leafa SAO Dress T Shirt

9062559 0

Leafa in a Kawaii white dress.

Leafa White Dress T Shirt


4. SAO DuoT Shirt

38270 1

SAO Asuna and Kirito duo T Shirt with swords.

SAO Duo T Shirt


5. 2 Sword Storm T Shirt

857638 1

2 Sword Storm T Shirt


6. Kirito Dual Blades T Shirt

35079 0

Kirito Dual Blades T Shirt with white design.

Dual Blades T Shirt


7. Asuna YuukI Quote T Shirt

417146 1 1

Asuna quote T Shirt: “if we make it back to the real world, I will find you again, and fall in love with you again”.

Asuna Quote T Shirt


8. SAO Kirito & Asuna T Shirt

178155 1

Kirito Asuna T Shirt


9. Kirito Black T Shirt

6440332 0

Kirito Black T Shirt


10. Aincrad T Shirt

261506 2



11. Kirito Logo T Shirt

1658847 1

Kirito Logo T Shirt


12. SAO Text T Shirt

5871348 0

SAO letters on T Shirt.

SAO Text T Shirt


13. SAO Best Love T Shirt

5502805 0

SAO Best Love Kirito and Asuna T Shirt.

SAO Best Love T Shirt


14. SAO Characters T Shirt

9255574 0

SAO Characters T Shirt


15. SAO Color T Shirt

4477707 0

SAO Universe T Shirt


16. Asuna Alice T Shirt

8746719 0

Asuna And Alice in summer clothing.

Asuna Alice Summer T Shirt


17. Kirito SAO T Shirt

6719129 0

Kirito Black Outfit T Shirt


18. SAO S1 Kirito Asuna T Shirt

7884972 0

Kirito Asuna S1 T Shirt


19. Asuna Red Skirt T Shirt

9296306 1

Asuna Black SAO Top and red skirt.

Asuna Red Skirt T Shirt


20. Kirito S1 T Shirt

5282167 0

SAO S1 Kirito T Shirt


21. Kirito Quote T Shirt

417151 1

Kirito quote T shirt: “No matter what my heart will forever be yours and I will fight until the day I see you again”.

Kirito Quote T Shirt


22. Kirito Asuna Ordinal Scale T Shirt

8103038 0

Ordinal Scale Kirito Asuna T Shirt


23. Kirito Holding Asuna T Shirt

8697185 0

Asuna In Kirito's Arms T Shirt


24. Kirito Asuna Lisbeth T Shirt

4421660 0

Lisbeth, Kirito and Asuna with SAO text.

Asuna Kirito Lisbeth T Shirt


25. Kirito Asuna Circle T Shirt

8715454 0

Asuna Kirito Circle T Shirt


26. Kirito Blue Wave T Shirt

5282310 0

Kirito Blue Wave T Shirt


27. Kirito Asuna Grayscale T Shirt

7389254 0

Kirito Asuna Grayscale T Shirt


28. SAO Chibi T Shirt

8339867 0

SAO Chibi T Shirt


29. Alicization T Shirt

6513245 0

Alicization characters on a T Shirt.

Alicization T Shirt


30. Straight Outta SAO T Shirt

2918781 0

Straight Outta SAO T Shirt


31. Sinon T Shirt

2104592 1

Sinon SAO T Shirt


32. Sinon Gun T Shirt

8828345 0

Sinon Gun T Shirt


33. Kirito Vs Death Gun T Shirt

160760 0

Kirito Death Gun T Shirt


34. Alice Zuberg T Shirt

6501423 0

Alice Zuberg T Shirt


35. SAO Family T Shirt

2122926 1

SAO Family T Shirt


36. SAO 3 Designs T Shirt

8458762 0

Kirito in 3 versions of SAO.

Kirito 3 Versions T Shirt


37. Kirito Asuna Swords T Shirt

9254124 0

Kirito Asuna Blue T Shirt


38. Kirito Asuna Attack T Shirt

9254216 0

Kirito Asuna Attack T Shirt


39. Kirito Asuna Rende T Shirt

8697821 1

Kirito Asuna Rende T Shirt


40. Yuuki Konno Zekken T Shirt

2311500 0

Konno Zekken T Shirt


41. Silica SAO T Shirt

433898 1

Silica SAO T Shirt


42. Yuuki Konno Quote T Shirt

435010 1

I Was Alive T Shirt


43. Sleeping Knights T Shirt

676917 1

Sleeping Knights T Shirt


44. Yui T Shirt

5192648 0

Yui SAO T Shirt


45. Konno Yuuki T Shirt

8530322 0

Konno Yuuki T Shirt


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