Sword Art Online Leafa Tentacle Scene Shows SAO Will Stir Controversy Once Again

sword art online tenacle alicziation leafa
Written by Theo J Ellis

Sword Art Online has a long history of stirring up the pot of controversy, and getting people’s knickers in a twist.

Especially US journalists who report on anime (more so than anime fans themselves).

Sword Art Online Alicization: War Of The Underworld Part 2 is at it once again. And we can only imagine what’s to come as the anime continues to air.


A quick recap

sao violated scene season 2

With season 2 it was the scene involving Asuna Yuuki and that sicko who wanted to violate Asuna.


sao controversy ronnie and tiese

In season 3 it was the scene involving Ronnie and Tiese, who were almost violated. The brown and red haired girls who respect Kirito.


YouTube video

Fast forward to 2020, and now we have the scene of Leafa and the tentacle scene which brings us to today.

Most people aren’t losing their minds about it. But a lot of people pointed it out.

Many say they enjoyed the first episode, minus the tentacle scene which they felt was unnecessary.



And of course – fake news and websites who love spreading it for attention (Comic Book) have come out the woodworks. With a news piece claiming “fans are shocked” when that’s actually false.

No one is outraging and the response is pretty tame, but each to their own.

comic book fake news sao fans shocked tentacle scene


What do you think of the latest SAO?

Which side of the argument are you on?



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