Why Sword Art Online Alicization Is So Good (And Probably The Best SAO Season)

Alicization Sao Wallpaper Kirito Alice Eugeo

anime I’ve openly admitted to liking. Why? Because I don’t give a flying f*ck.

My self esteem isn’t wrapped up in what people (or the masses) think, like some anime fans.

  • Season 1 is OK. I wasn’t blown away by any means.
  • Season 2 is what hooked me. What did it for me is Yuuki Konno’s arc, and the emotional ride that came with it.

But let’s talk about Sword Art Online Alicization (more than underworld), and why it deserves praise.

Even clickbait YouTubers and writers apparently liked it. Which says something.


Why Sword Art Online Alicization Is The Best:


1. Animation and visuals

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Let’s start with the most materialistic part of Alicization. And it’s not exactly something you can ignore anyway.

It’s what makes anime, anime.

Sword Art Online Alicization is a lot newer than other SAO seasons. So there was room to make the animation even more special.

Characters like Alice Zuberg are a perfect example.

alice zuberg visuals beautiful sao

She looks absolutely gorgeous and stunning with the visuals behind it.

The quality, the lighting, it’s all a nice mix and the best yet from SAO.

It’s not just Alice Zuberg, it’s every other character in the dozens of scenarios.

You can’t help but be amazed by the visual quality and get drawn in by how mesmerizing it is.

It reminded me of watching Violet Evergarden again.

Violet Evergarden is an anime by Kyoani with some of the best visuals an anime has ever produced.

I’d say Sword Art Online Alicization has its moments, and is underappreciated for its visuals. Since that enhances the anime so much more.

Details make all the difference.

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2. The story from start to finish

One thing people argue and b*tch about when it comes to SAO season 1, is the inconsistency. And the direction it went in.

People’s expectations fell through the floor, but not all.

Season 2, depending on who you ask, is a mixed bag for why it’s good or bad.

Sword Art Online Alicization is the bridge between previous seasons that connects the dots better than ever before. At least from a more mainstream point of view.

There’s nothing iffy about how it starts or how it progresses or comes to an end.

I haven’t read the novels so I can only speak for the anime and how I seen it for what it is!

Kirito and Eugeo obviously make Alicization what the anime is. Along with Alice.

From the time Kirito (as a kid in Alicization’s world) is trying to cut down the tree. And the supposed impossibility of that.

To the moments Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice are together. And later separated. Which plays a big role in where the anime leads.

It’s ironically the only season that doesn’t include typical characters like:

  • Klein.
  • Lizbeth.
  • Silica.
  • Asuna Yuuki.
  • Andrew.

And all the other “squad “ members. They come later in the underworld arc.

It focuses purely on Kirito and his “new” friends. Maybe that played into the story’s success.

It also goes beyond just Kirito’s story, and it wraps it all in so well without feeling out of place.

That leads to my next point.


3. The NEW characters and relationships

alice zuberg kawaii kid

Alice is the young girl connected to Kirito and Eugeo in the series.

Both Alice and Eugeo, in a way, replace Asuna, Klein, and other character’s “roles” from earlier seasons.

This aspect of Sword Art Online Alicization makes it refreshing (even if they’re not “completely” replaced).

What’s even better is how well the anime executes on these new characters relationships with Kirito, and how well it’s built overtime.

eugeo smiling tree sao

One character that shines is Eugeo. Kirito’s “bro”. Another bro aside from Klein you could say.

Kirito and Eugeo are like brothers. Kirito’s role is more like a big brother to Eugeo. The guy who gives Eugeo confidence.

Eugeo is like Kirito’s 2nd sword and shield. A solid companion, and a guy who’s always there through through thick and thin.

I’ll avoid spoilers but Eugeo is one of the most genuine additions to SAO’s list of characters.

ronye and tiese alicization

Along the way you even have some nice additions to characters and relationships that come with it…. from support characters.

Ronye And Tiese are good examples.

Ignoring the controversial episode involving both of them, Ronye and Tiese are like Silica in a way (Kirito’s their senpai).

They definitely add to the anime without being too involved.

liena alicization

Liena is another character, who played a massive role in Alicization’s plot and Kirito’s growth as a swordsman and fighter.

Liena trained Kirito and taught him a LOT of what he knows, and what he later uses down the line when things get more intense.

Liena’s role is brief, but the relationship, bond, and after effects are real. And make Alicization shine a little more than it already did.

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4. Fight scenes

kirito fight sword gif

Can’t ignore fight scenes when talking about an action anime series.

Sword Art Online is known for its fights, battles, swordsmanship and other “gamer” elements that are familiar.

One of the best fight scenes comes later. Towards the end somewhat.

It’s one of the flashiest, gorgeous looking scenes in all of Alicization.

This involves not just Kirito, but Eugeo as well. Plus Alice and so many others down the line (underworld, etc).

This goes back to my point of #1, animation and visual quality. It’s not overly done like Demon Slayer (I feel) but it’s sharp and on point.

The fights that is.

kirito withdraws sword gif

Out of Isekai anime’s, SAO isn’t at the top for me. Anime like Re:Zero, Ascendance Of A Bookworm, deserve the top spot.

Sword Art Online though as a franchise is “one” of my favorites overall, and Alicization made that possible. Underworld wasn’t as good as the first one, but it still counts.

Alicization deserves more credit but is held down by SAO’s mixed reputation on a whole I feel.


What do you think of Alicization’s arc? (start to finish)



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