Soul Senki: The Beat’ Em Up RPG Hentai Game (Review)

Soul Senki Hentai Game Review
Written by Mahathir M

Nutaku has a unique game you’ve never seen before in your life. The game is called Soul Senki by Alpha game Limited studios.

This game is a unique turn-based RPG with animated japanese style art. Plus boobies and booties to enjoy from every angle the girl can offer.


The story

Zhao Long-dan is a warrior who escaped the Kamiizumi family’s conflict and defeated multiple Saito and Edwards warriors as a result of the mansion’s fire.

She despises giving up control and cannot forgive those who disobey the rules.

She has no intention of following the Saito or Edwards families but instead hides while searching for the Kamiizumi family’s successor.

Along with her journey she came across the part of a legend of Battle souls. It said Heroes’ weapons became adulterated “battle souls,” and those who can control “battle souls” with their minds are known as “battle soul masters.”

The “battle soul masters” used this capacity to become groups that ruled many battlefields. However, the warriors are now drawing the entire world into their conflict.


That is how our harem starts

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This game is very entertaining.

The beautiful visuals were the first thing that attracted my eye. The hentai appearance has always appealed to my fine taste, so I decided to give this game a shot.

I soon understood the overall objective of the game. But I believe that even someone who isn’t gifted would be able to pick up on how to play this game quite quickly.

All you have to do now is press the button and tell the main character what to do. The objective of the game is to get into a fight with girls you collected in gatcha and then make love to them all.

Increasing their level and stats makes it easier to accomplish the level they develop.

soul senki babes

Assemble the team of 6 to have a journey you will never forget as the main goal of this game is to finish the adventure quest or battle in the arena.

With that said, there are some features to enjoy before the process of stripping and making love to these girls, which is called the date feature.

By increasing the stats of every girl you had you can easily ask her to strip off and finally have sex with them.

soul senki sex scene e1627233940263

Simple gameplay with a friendly interface will help you learn this game faster than ever. I’m not the smartest person I suppose, but somehow they manage to help me understand better what to do and what not to do.

This speaks to the simplicity of the game.

Moreover, they come with many features like gacha and upgrading it. However, as the developer, they manage to give a clear understanding for players how to run and play this game but also mainly to unlock the uncensored sex scene.

What a massive harem to work with, and the main problem is seducing all of the girls is not as easy as it seems. There are several items you must collect before dating them (which is the main problem along with the limited stamina to complete the main quest).

But you can easily fix this problem by using the in-game purchase to buy the ruby, coin, and stamina that will make you enjoy this game to the fullest.


It’s your choice to decide whether to use a premium feature or a free feature to play this game

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You can also buy a limited girl by using Nutaku coins so you can enjoy a premium Hentai scene from the girl you obtain.

As I mentioned, when you are a hentai game lover the animated Japanese hentai style is something you can’t resist.

Soul Senki also come with Japanese voices actors for their 50+ in-game characters. Each with their own heavenly moaning sound.

Try this game by yourself you won’t be disappointed with every single piece of it.


Play now and see how you get on!