4 Soul Eater Anime Soundtracks That Will Get You Motivated

4 Soul Eater Anime Soundtracks That Will Get You Motivated

Fun facts about Soul Eater:

  • Soul has an older brother who’s passionate about playing Violin.
  • The author of soul eater didn’t give Crona an official gender. So she’s not a boy or a girl.

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Soul Eater is an Anime based in the DWMA.

A school run by lord death where students are trained to prevent “madness” spreading into the world.

If you need some motivation, or just something to boost your energy, then this post is for you.

Listen to these 4 Soul Eater Anime Soundtracks…


1. Krieg – Iwasaki Taku

This soundtrack is 3:19 long. And is played throughout the Anime in a lot of battle scenes.

If you’re working out, exercising, or something similar, this will give you the boost of motivation you need.

Especially If you’re a fan of the Anime!


2. Malleus Maleficarum – Iwasaki Taku

Another great soundtrack that will get you energized when you’re feeling low.

Or when you just need to listen to some music to get your mind off things.

The instrumentals in this soundtrack thump pretty hard!


3. Kampf – Iwasaki Taku

And then there’s Kampf by Iwasaki Taku. This is quite a fast moving instrumental with a quick pace and tempo.

If you need that quick boost of energy and motivation, this will do it.

Would work especially well while doing any kind of exercise, sports, athletics, running, etc.


4. Lycaon – Iwasaki Taku

Last but not least, Lycaon is quite a funky, fast paced soundtrack from Soul Eater.

It’s full of energy, and will get your body moving. Not to mention get you motivated!

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