AT&T To Sell Anime Streaming Service Crunchyroll To Sony for $1.5 Billion Dollars

sony to buy crunchyroll anime streaming service

Sony is apparently in talks with AT&T to buy Crunchyroll, the biggest anime streaming service in the west.

Crunchyroll, a partner of Anime Motivation has over 1000+ anime titles in its catalogue. A number higher than any comparable anime streaming service.

AT&T is looking to “sell” some of its companies and Crunchyroll happens to be one of those companies.

This is part of AT&T’S restructuring process, which has lead to many lay-offs recently with some of their companies.

runchyroll 3 million plus subscribers

Crunchyroll today has over 3 million subscribers. This took them over a decade.

With a company like Crunchyroll under Sony’s belt, they’d have a lot of leverage in the anime industry. And of course – more revenue will pumped into their umbrella of companies.

Crunchyroll will be a valuable asset.

att crunchyroll

If AT&T plans to sell Crunchyroll, one of their most powerful assets, they stand to lose the best anime asset they have.

On the other hand they’ll gave a fat wad of cash.

It’ll benefit Sony more than AT&T.


The big $1.5 Billion dollar question

  1. How will this affect the anime industry in the west or worldwide?
  2. How will Sony handle Crunchyroll as an asset?
  3. Will Sony mismanage it?

If Crunchyroll does get bought out by Sony for LESS than $1.5 billion (since Sony’s unwilling to pay that much),it means Crunchyroll and Funimation will be sharing the same house.

How that impacts things going forward is anyone’s guess.


As Fierce Video puts it:

“If the two companies can come to an agreement, it would strengthen Sony’s position in the anime streaming market. The company already owns Crunchyroll competitor Funimation, which last year formed a joint venture with France’s Wakanim and Australia’s Madman Anime Group.”


News source: 

The Information

Fierce Video



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