Smutstone: A Turn Based Card Game In A Hentai Style (NSFW)

smutstone review

This is a game for people who enjoy thinking while simultaneously jerking off.

Smutstone is a Nutaku-developed and published game that will transport you to a filthy adventure realm unlike any other.

This game is similar to other turn-based card games, but it differs in that it inserts “hentai” and visual novel into the plot.

It’s created by Hooligapps back in 2018 and this game manages to be one of the best games in this niche. 


If you are familiar with the game Hearthstone the Blizzard’s awesome card game, Smutstone is a card game similar to it, but it was made for 18 years old and older.

There were sexy slutty heroes instead of the classic cards, and as a reward, they got lovely photos and animations of passionate sex scenes!

You play as an attractive man attempting to save a striptease girl in this game.

smutstone game nutaku 1

You find yourself in a fantastical universe. There, the insane hot terrible queen is attempting to apprehend all of the hot ladies.

Make a hero out of yourself and save them all! 

My first impression is that this game could be a lot better. The card art and interface art are both stunning. The gameplay, on the other hand, appears to be really simple…

I was able to win every match against my NPC opponents simply by pressing “FIGHT.”

smutstone card game nutaku

Our main goal is to defeat the dark with who brings us to this world. However, completing it would not be easy.

Using our basic deck and upgrading them so we can clear the main campaign faster, this also includes the sexual scene bonus each time you get closer to your harem in your deck.

To upgrade and seduce all the women in this game we need some material to collect.

Gathering all of it seems to be easy but in fact, it is not.


You can also explore the world of this game after you finish the first city

smutstone review

More cities come after you finish all the missions in the current city

Not only to see these raunchy cutscenes that leave the player horny, battling and dueling with other players is definitely the feature of Smutstone.

Players will ask why all card games can’t be like this, given the irresistible combination of a fierce card game and an unending variety of sexy babes.

Players will continue to uncover new lewd scenes as long as they keep strengthening their cards.

smutstone nutaku girl bending over

There is also a tournament among the players to show who is the boss in this game with in-game items and currency prizes.

This free game can be enjoyed from your desktop, browser, and Android smartphone

As time pass by, the developer also makes this game available to enjoy from multiple devices.

Even it is a free game, you can buy a package inside of this game using Nutaku coin. This will help you level up faster so you can clear the main quest and unlock more new lewd scenes.

In-game purchase is your choice but I find this is a great game to play so spend a little money is okay.


Stunning cartoon-style animation in this game

smutstone review

This aspect of the game will make you adore every detail of the babe that is displayed in this game. Moreover, there is no censor in every lewd scene in this game.

Sadly they don’t have a voice actor to fill the sound of those sexy babes. In exchange, good BMG is provided so we could enjoy the battle like we were playing real card battle.

Explore the world of Smutstone by yourself. Battle and collect all the material into your inventory to become stronger in this game.

Simple interface and gameplay are something that fans loves about this game.

This is an amazing game to play in your spare time, not only you can jerking off while play this game you will also think of a strategy to win the battle and unlock a steamy scene with your favorite in-game girls.


Play it now and you will soon be addicted to it