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The 18+ Best Sket Dance Quotes That Are Full Of Purpose

Sket Dance quotes taken from anime characters:

  • Yusuke Fujisaki.
  • Hime Onizuka.
  • Ryosuke Kirishima.
  • Sasuke Tsubaki.
  • Kiri Kato.
  • Kazuyoshi Usui.
  • Kikuno Asahina.
  • Chiaki Takahashi.
  • Akane Fujisaki.
  • Arisa Kano.
  • Sawa Yamauchi.

Sket Dance is a long comedy series, produced by Tatsunoko Production. 

If you’re a fan of this highly rated series, and you want some quotes to remember it by, this is for you.

Some quotes will keep you entertained, and others you can learn from.

Here’s the best Sket Dance quotes.


1. Ryousuke Kirishima Quotes

Ryousuke Kirishima quotes |

“Become strong, somebody who can offer a helping hand to people who are in trouble.” – Ryousuke Kirishima


Ryousuke Kirishima quotes 1 |

“Friends are treasures. Help each other and value the bonds you have.” – Ryousuke Kirishima


2. Kiri Kato Quotes

Kiri Kato quotes |

“I, Katō Kiri of the post General Affairs, swear my allegiance to the Student Council president, Tsubaki. Your wish is my command.” – Kiri Kato


3. Arisa Kano Quotes

Arisa Kano quotes |

“You, protect me?! Who the hell do you think you are? I’m the one that made friends with you! So what if I was a little friendly and hung out with you! B*stards like you do that, look down on the weak, get a superiority complex, and start bullying!” – Arisa Kano


4. Akane Fujisaki Quotes

Akane Fujisaki quotes |

“Maybe you didn’t come out of me, but my best friend gave birth to you, my son.” – Akane Fujisaki


5. Sawa Yamauchi Quotes

Sawa Yamauchi quotes |

“Bro, let’s go see the fireworks again sometime, the three of us!” – Sawa Yamauchi


6. Yusuke Fujisaki Quotes

Yusuke Fujisaki quotes |

“If you always keep your sights on your dream, the perfect chance will spread its wings, and fly towards you.” – Yusuke Fujisaki


Yusuke Fujisaki quotes 1 |

“I’m alive through the help of a lot of people. I’m here now because you’re here, mother. I’m glad you became my parent. I’m really lucky.” – Yusuke Fujisaki


Yusuke Fujisaki quotes 2 |

“The bully always says it’s a joke. But to the one being bullied, it’s dead serious!” – Yusuke Fujisaki


Yusuke Fujisaki quotes 3 |

“I would never betray a friend. So who the hell cares if somebody betrayed you once, huh?!! I’m not like that!” – Yusuke Fujisaki


Yusuke Fujisaki quotes 4 |

“I bet it’s not easy to persevere in one’s goal. I never tried, so I wouldn’t know. But to achieve a goal, one must work hard even when no one is looking. Having a dream might not be all that great.” – Yusuke Fujisaki


7. Hime Onizuka Quotes

Hime Onizuka quotes |

“My hero was a TV character. With that ridiculous looking… red, horned cap on his head… dripping with sweat, he appeared before me. Even though I was a demon, that hero… came to rescue me.” – Hime Onizuka


8. Sasuke Tsubaki Quotes

Sasuke Tsubaki quotes |

“I just can’t forgive anyone who hurts my friends.” – Sasuke Tsubaki


Sasuke Tsubaki quotes 1 |

“I won’t abandon you! So don’t abandon us!” – Sasuke Tsubaki


Sasuke Tsubaki quotes 2 |

“People tend to stick to the way they call their family since young.” – Sasuke Tsubaki


9. Chiaki Takahashi Quotes

Chiaki Takahashi quotes |

“Your little cool act isn’t going to fly with me. As your class representative, I refuse to allow you to isolate yourself like this!” – Chiaki Takahashi


10. Kikuno Asahina Quotes

Kikuno Asahina quotes |

“Having others get hurt because of really hurtful.” – Kikuno Asahina


11. Kazuyoshi Usui Quotes

Kazuyoshi Usui quotes |

“The wind blowing in through the window made me uncomfortable. So I closed the window. I… stopped talking. As for when that window was wrenched open… and a hand appeared through it, pulling me back up onto my feet… That wasn’t until, a little later.” – Kazuyoshi Usui


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