7 Sins Committed By Anime That Cause You To Lose Interest

Chiyo Sakura

You find a brand new anime show to watch.

You check the reviews on MyAnimeList. Or something similar…

You even go out of your way to watch a trailer which gets you hyped up.

And then before you know it – you’re shaking your head. And you’re face-palming yourself…

7 Sins Committed By Anime That Cause You To Lose Interest

This happens when an anime show commits these 7 deadly sins (pun intended).


1. Boring 1st Episode 😔

7 Sins Committed By Anime That Cause You To Lose Interest
Funny thing is this is actually a benefit.

When an anime forces you to kill yourself out of sheer boredom, it saves you the trouble of watching every episode.

The anime – Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Or – Is This A Zombie? (In English) did this to me.

I couldn’t stand the ridiculous first episode of the anime. It was uninteresting for me.

Another terrible anime with a boring first episode is Trinity Seven. For whatever reason I couldn’t bare it.

Even after watching a couple more episodes, hoping things would improve,


2. Too Many Cliche’s

7 Sins Committed By Anime That Cause You To Lose Interest
No anime show is PERFECT. There’s no such thing. I get that.

You get that too I’m sure. But when an anime show has too many cliche’s…

And you can’t even watch 5 minutes of an anime without dozens of cliche’s showing up…

It starts to point back to point number 1. Meaning it gets boring. Old. Stale. And meaningless.

Or worse. It feels like it’s trying too hard which only makes it harder to enjoy.

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3. Putting Fan-Service Before Quality 😔

7 Sins Committed By Anime That Cause You To Lose Interest
The image above is from anime: High School Of The Dead. 

The story revolves around the after math of a zombie apocalypse.

And the struggles the characters face while trying to stay alive.

From the first episode I fell in love with this anime.

The violence was strong. The depth was deep. And it seemed like the creators cooked up a story worth following.

But then… The anime starts focusing on fan-service more than anything else.

And it makes the “seriousness” of the anime fade into the background.

All of a sudden it’s a “harem” anime on the borderline of Hentai. Instead of being the action packed anime it claims to be in the first few episodes.

Putting fan service before quality is one of the worst ways to grab an anime fans attention.

And in this case it caused me to lose interest in an anime that could have been a masterpiece.


4. Confusing Plot 😕

7 Sins Committed By Anime That Cause You To Lose Interest

This happened with the anime: From the New World.

I love psychological shows, especially as they aren’t the most popular anime genre.

And so – I dove right in like it was a swimming pool.

But unlucky for me, I didn’t understand what I’d gotten myself into.

It was like being blind. I couldn’t tell blue from black or black from yellow.

Though the anime seems interesting at first, it does a terrible job of storytelling.

And so I dropped it.

You can’t enjoy something when it doesn’t even make any sense.

Or worse: when it’s trying to be “cryptic” but it fails miserably at it.


5. Too many characters, not enough personality 🙁

7 Sins Committed By Anime That Cause You To Lose Interest

The anime: Touken Ranbu committed this sin for me.

At first the anime looks enjoyable and interesting. Typical of a slice of life series.

But then as I got half way through I realized: I don’t even know who is who.

Because even though the characters look interesting enough. And even though they seem to play an important role…

They have about as much personality as a stone.

Sometimes having more characters is a bad thing if not done the right way.

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6. Bland and unoriginal 😑

7 Sins Committed By Anime That Cause You To Lose Interest

Heard of the anime: Love Tyrant, released in 2017?

It’s a parody of the anime series: Death Note. 

Instead of someone being killed when you write their name down in a “death” note… The person will fall in love with you instead.

And it’s called a “kiss” note instead of a death note.

I know it’s a parody and you’re not supposed to take it seriously… But damn.

It’s so unoriginal and bland that I forced myself to go through the first 3-4 episodes.

Hoping I’d eventually fall in love with the series and respect its efforts.

We all know where that lead to…. 🙁

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7. It doesn’t hit you in the “feels” 😭

7 Sins Committed By Anime That Cause You To Lose Interest
The biggest anime sin of all has to be this. When an anime doesn’t hit you in the “feels”.

After all, if an anime can’t:

  • Make you laugh until your stomach hurts…
  • Cause you to cry your eyes out…
  • Piss you off and stir your emotions…
  • Or cause you to feel some type of emotion…

Then the anime failed to do it’s job.

Entertainment is all about making you feel something. Especially when it comes to anime.

When you feel something for the anime you’re watching, you’re likely to remember it. And those memories alone will bring you back to that feeling again.

No matter how old those anime memories may be.

Clannad is a classic in that department. And I’ll always remember it for the emotional ride it took me on.

Did I miss anything?

What anime sin would you add to this list?


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