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10+ Tell Tale Signs You’re Becoming A F*cking Weeb

Are you becoming a f*cking weeb, Otaku, or a more involved anime fan (if you like that definition better)?

The first step to becoming more of an anime fan starts with:

  • Being a so-called “casual” or normie.
  • Upgrading to a passionate fan (Otaku, weeb, etc).
  • Any further than this is territory you don’t wanna be in (weeaboo territory).

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Weeb, more so Otaku in Japan defines someone who’s considered:

  • A loser.
  • A waste of space.
  • Someone who’s overly obsessed.

And spends insane amounts of time on their hobby, to an unhealthy degree.

In this post, I’ll focus on the weeb definition outside of Japan.

Which means:

  • You like anime, manga, and games.
  • You’re into it.
  • You enjoy it.

And it’s one of your hobbies regardless of how far you take it.


Signs you’re becoming a f*cking weeb:


1. You’re “one of the lads” now

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Being one of the lads means you’re now officially part of the group. That group being anime, the fanbase, the people, associates, and maybe even friends who are also anime fans.

When people talk about anime, the mannerisms, the coded language, and words specific to the group, you absolutely get it. And you’re not confused by the sayings.

If you were, well, you wouldn’t be a “weeb” and there wouldn’t be any signs of becoming a f*cking weeb either.


2. Anime is more than just a curiosity or interest

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When you first dabble, test, try, or experiment with something new you’re a casual by definition. Or a “newbie” if you like that word.

In this stage you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re just interested and curious and you’re following that to see what it leads to.

But when it’s more than just an interest and more than a curiosity, you start to walk the path of the f*cking weeb in this context.

You become more than you were, and it shows in how far you’re willing to go to watch anime, stream it, become part of the culture, take part in events or even start your own website or business.


3. You laugh at the inside jokes and memes

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It’s called an inside joke for a reason. If you understand it, that means you’re part of the community. If you didn’t understand it, well, you’d be an outsider by definition.

Only those part of the group can get it, understand it, and laugh at it.

Same with the memes. Most who don’t understand anime memes might cringe or roll their eyes. But those who are part of the community might laugh their ass off.

It’s a telltale sign you’re becoming more of a dedicated anime fan.


4. You’re no longer satisfied with just a handful of anime

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When you’re a new anime fan, a newbie, or a so-called casual, you enjoy anime for what it is. You may have grew up with a few anime you loved like Naruto, DBZ, and so on.

You tend to settle on these anime because the nostalgia is so strong, that you have no interest in going further and discovering new shows.

But when you’re becoming a f*cking weeb, a dedicated anime fan, you’re no longer satisfied with that line of thinking. You now want to discover all types of anime shows and explore new genres.

That leads you down the road of watching 100s of anime, potentially, or at least dozens more than you already watched. And you soon realize there are multiple favourites under your belt because so many anime are just as good.

Not all of course, but some.


5. You’ve found your specific tribe

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There are tons of websites, forums, blogs, news sites, YouTubers, and the list goes on. But you can’t and you won’t subscribe or follow all of them.

Maybe less than a handful when all is said and done.

When you watch and participate in anime at a casual pace, or with a casual lens so to speak, you don’t take interest in following the industry like that.

When you become more dedicated and passionate though, this changes, You go searching for more, and you end up finding your specific tribe where you hang out the most to talk about, discuss, follow, or pay attention to the anime industry.

That could be Anime Motivation or other anime websites. Wherever it is, it’s a sign you’re becoming more than just a casual anime fan.


6. You routinely listen to anime instrumentals

YouTube video

Listening to anime instrumentals is some high-level stuff when it comes to anime, being an anime fan, and taking part in the community.

It’s not something you’re gonna do unless you’re seriously interested in anime. Casual anime fans just don’t do this.

When you find yourself listening to anime instruments of all kinds from all types of genres or shows, you know you’re hooked on anime.

You’ve caught the bug and there’s no turning back at this point. You’re officially a f*cking weeb as they say.


7. You’ve started getting into anime games

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Getting into anime games is some high-level stuff just like the instrumental points. You won’t play the games if you’re a regular anime fan or you’ve only just gotten into it (unless you fall hard for anime that is).

Whether it’s regular anime games for the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. Or it’s the saucier types of games that are Ecchi, Hentai games, and so on.

One qualifier is the game called Doki Doki Literature Club. Only dedicated anime fans know about this.

Hyperdimension Neptunia might be another game worth mentioning here.


8. You watch Hentai

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This isn’t a telltale sign you have to tick off to become a dedicated fan, but if you do watch Hentai there’s no question about your stance on anime as a whole.

Hentai is obviously NOT anime, but a more lewd, naughty version of the medium that is more famous and searched than the “realistic” equivalent.

No anime fan would watch Hentai if they weren’t so interested in the medium to start with. Because when you’re not interested in anime, Hentai is the scapegoat people use to disrespect anime.

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9. You argue/talk about power scaling in the Shonen community

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Again, this isn’t something an ordinary anime fan would be doing. In fact, the average, casual fan thinks this is insane or at least a waste of energy (though dedicated fans can think this as well).

When you find yourself obsessing over power scaling, and bringing your own arguments to the table, regardless of whether it’s rational or not, is the moment you know you’re hooked on anime.

At this point it’s official. You love anime in a genuine sense, and it’s more than just a casual interest.


10. You realize most anime controversies are bullshit

shizuku mizutani facepalm

It’s not that something like this isn’t obvious or easy to spot, it’s just when you’re a normal anime fan or a new anime fan, you may have a bias and even a reluctance to see or believe certain things.

Once you become more educated, more interested, and more in tune with the industry, you realize things for what they are. And you look at things for what they are instead of what certain people are trying to make it seem.

Almost all anime controversy comes from:

  • Non-anime fans.
  • Culture vultures.
  • Non-anime sites that aren’t dedicated to anime.
  • Or losers within the community trying to stir up controversy for clicks (YouTube usually).


11. You like to cosplay, attend events, or have started your own projects

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If you enjoy cosplaying that’s a given. Especially if those characters you cosplay are anime related and some prominent characters who are noticeable.

This is more true if the characters are known but not the most famous, because that shows you know your stuff and dug a little deeper into underrated anime shows.

Attending events keeps the industry running, profits coming, and a lot of anime figures paid who sell, promote, or do speeches at these events.

Starting your own project, be it:

  • Business.
  • Art.
  • Websites.

Or anything that qualifies is when you’re deeply interested in the anime community, and are of course becoming a f*cking weeb as the meme goes.

After all, who would start a business, a website, or become an artist, etc, if they weren’t already far down the rabbit hole?


The Differences Between An Anime Enthusiast, Otaku And A Weeb

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