Shopping With Anime Motivation: This Is How The Delivery Process Works

Shopping With Anime Motivation: This Is How The Delivery Process Works

At Anime Motivation, transparency and honesty is crucial.

We want to go beyond what other Anime retailers give you. As far as service, information, the inner-workings of the business, what happens behind the scenes, who the owner is and so on.

So with this post and many more to come, you’ll be informed as to how it all works. And in this case, how the delivery process looks when you’re shopping for Anime merchandise with Anime Motivation.

1. In stock items

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Dimension Of Dragon ball Goku Statue

When you place your order online, if your items in stock it will be shipped out within 48 hours. In the UK you’ll receive your item within 2-5 days. And usually no more than that.

If you’re an international customer, your item should arrive within 5-7 days. And no more than 10. International customers orders are also shipped within 48 hours of placing an order.


2. In stock items with our partners

Sometimes we may not have physical stock. And if that’s the case, then when you place an order, your item will then be ordered in directly from a partner. Which then arrives within 2 days. From there we then immediately ship your Anime merchandise to your address.

That’s true regardless of whether you’re based within the UK, or are an international customer in the US, Australia, or anywhere in the world.


3. Preorders

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Sayaka Miki The Beginning Story Statue

When you place a preorder, your item is reserved for that date. And as far as delivery, your item is shipped either a couple of days (or over a week) early. Or the day it’s released it gets ordered in, and then shipped straight to your address. Regardless of where you’re located.


4. International deliveries: How it works

Shopping With Anime Motivation: This Is How The Delivery Process Works

Let’s suppose you’re based in the United States. When you place your order, Royal Mail (our preferred courier) will then send off your package to the USA. All orders are tracked.

Then when your package arrives in the USA, Royal Mail then hands over the package to the USPS. And the USPS will then deliver your Anime merchandise to your address.

Generally this is how it works. Royal Mail has delivery partners across many countries. And those delivery partners/couriers who are local to your country, are the couriers who will deliver your package once Royal Mail arrives and passes on that package.


5. Tracking

All items are tracked. Both in the UK and internationally to give you piece of mind. This also minimizes the chances for loss, making it convenient for you.


6. Communication

Throughout the delivery process you’ll receive emails regarding your order. And what’s happening with it.

That being said, if you have a personal question or issue you’d like resolved, just send over an email. And you’ll get a fast response. Always within less than 24 hours at most.

And that’s how the delivery process looks at Anime Motivation. By keeping the couriers used to a minimum, the process is simpler and less complicated for you as a customer.

Do you have any questions about shopping with Anime Motivation? If you do, leave your comments below. And stay tuned for more upcoming content!

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