Shipping And Returns Policy:

All of our products are shipped by Royal Mail. (2-5 Days)


Here’s how the process looks:

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Unless our products are out of stock, or we mention otherwise,

we’ll ship your products within 48 hours of making your order.

International shipping:

Shipping takes 5-7 days typically. And no more than 10+ days at most.

Shipping is also tracked to give you peace of mind.




When returns are acceptable:

  1. If the item arrives damaged and unusable.
  2. If you haven’t touched, used, or opened your product within 10 days.
  3. If you order a product and we ship out the wrong product by mistake.


When returns are NOT acceptable:

  1. YOU damage the item, break it, or anything self-caused.
  2. You use the item, even if for a short period of time.
  3. You wear the item (eg – T Shirts).
  4. Your claims are fraudulent (which will be investigated).


Returns are FREE for UK customers. The cost will be refunded once you return the item to us.


UK Shipping Costs:

UK Delivery is FREE when you spend over £40!

And you’ll never pay more than £3.99 when you spend less.


International Shipping Costs:

You’ll never pay more than £20 for international shipping.


Refund Policy:

  1. 30 day refund policy.
  2. If your item arrives broken or damaged, we’ll refund you within 7 days.
  3. If your item never arrives (gets lost) you’ll be refunded within 7 days.
  4. If you open, use, wear the item/product, refunds can’t be accepted.
  5. Returns are FREE. We’ll refund the cost once you return the item to us.


You can use one of the methods below to get in touch about refunds/returns.

Just be sure to give us your order ID number, full name and details.

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