Shinji Aoba Will Finally Be Charged for Kyoto Animation Murders In July 2019

Shinji Aoba Will Finally Be Charged for Kyoto Animation Arson Attack In July 2019

The Kyoto Animation murders (arson attack) shook the world to the core in July 2019. And I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was morning here in the UK when news broke. News of Shinji Aoba who set one of Kyoto Animation’s studios on fire.

This ended up killing 36 people in total, and injured 33 more people as a result.


One of Japan’s worse incidents in decades

From there, the authorities and people dealing with the incident took the culprit to hospital to heal his wounds. So they could then question the man and move forward with the case.

After finally coming to the conclusion (slowed down by COVID-19) that the man wasn’t mentally unstable, they’ll now be charging Shinji Aoba with the crime.

It was delayed thanks to #coronavirus and the Japanese authorities doing their due diligence.

As reported by Kyodo News:

“Shinji Aoba, who was arrested in May, has likely been determined by medical experts to be mentally competent and can be held criminally liable for the attack, one of Japan’s worst mass murder cases.

Aoba has been confined for expert examination since June.”

Shinji Aoba originally committed the crime in part because Kyoto Animation stole his novel and profited from it.

He was known to have submitted works to Kyoto Animation in the past, but Kyoto Animation denies stealing his work and adapting it into anime shows.

Whatever really happened between the man and Kyoani, it spiralled out of control and lives have been lost.

His indictment will probably be finalized sometime in 2021 at this rate.


Kyoto Animation Tribute

News source: Kyodo News



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