SF Girls: The Sci-Fi Hentai Game With A Fleet Of Babes (Review)

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Another Nutaku game, SF Girls, has just been released by the creators of Project QT.

It’s advertised as an “out of this world” tower defense game, and I’m confident that at least one person’s head will be blown by the sheer storytelling power and magnificence of this game.

I mean, isn’t that why everyone comes to Nutaku? An epic tale that makes you wonder what will you do next.


Here’s the rest of the game for you to decide on

The Alpha stone, which today lays at the very center of civilization, has been unearthed 312 years ago.

Surprisingly, it restored balance to the earth by replacing the “old way of things” with “much more… desirable” alternatives.

But everything changed when the invaders arrived.

They come for your planet, and you, as a responsible adult, must command and lead your planet to triumph.

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You must construct a tower to secure your main gate from enemies in this new tower-based game.

You can hire all the sexy heroes to shoot opposing waves from turrets. The wave will grow in strength and size with each level.

You’ll need to recruit and upgrade more heroes in addition to dealing with your towers.

In your kingdom, there is a stone known as the Alpha Stone that has been around for ages. But not just now, for a group of strangers is pressuring their army to leave their kingdom and claim it.

You must prevent this.

  • Quests
  • Heroes
  • Improvements

And entertainment are all available in the game, which means you’ll be in charge of up to 35 women to do an entertaining thing.

sf girls heroes defense nutaku

Although SF-Girl is free to play, this game also has interactive gameplay and storyline for their player.

It starts from:

  • Daily quest and login
  • PVP ranking system
  • Epic boss battle

And the most important thing is the date feature that will lead us to more lewd scenes. Not to mention sex scenes (which are animated).

All of the girls will be able to be:

  • Trained
  • Seduced
  • And sexually exploited.

sf girls rewards game

I’m sure this comes as a surprise when it also comes with stunning anime art graphics that will make you love this game very much.

Moreover, the details of up to 35 girls and their lewd scene will lead you to go beyond this universe.

To collect the girls you have to assemble the fragment in the gacha system.

The sound effect and BGM for this game are also good so you can enjoy slightly good music while playing this game.

Especially when you can take the game anywhere you like with a mobile client that only can be downloaded in nutaku, you will never miss a thing.


SF-Girls is available for PC browser and Mobile

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SF Girls is fully optimized for your device. A lot of items drop in this game will make it enjoyable everytime you play on your device.

You can also collect some rare item and uncollectable girls by using nutaku coin and increase your winning rate in the ranked PVP battle by owning them.

That said, you still can enjoy the game without that feature, but if you want to use this kind of feature it’s worth using.

If you are looking for a unique Nutaku game to play, this game might be the answer for your needs.

Even this game is free to play, it shows potential in the future for a game that can make us “nut”, especially if you are an extra size boob lover, you won’t be disappointed with this game.

This free to play hentai game is outstanding.


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