After Playing These 11 Sci-fi Anime Games, You’ll Be Hooked In No Time!

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Sci-fi is an uncommon genre in the anime industry. Most shows aren’t based on sci-fi, and neither are anime games in particular.

But when they are – they’re always interesting and MORE than worthwhile.

Here are are some sci-fi anime games that will get you hooked on the genre (some with a little Ecchi).


Sci-Fi Anime Games Worth Playing:


1. Peace of Evil

peace of evil anime

As the emperor of the kingdom, the name of the game is to “seduce or be seduced”.

But as is always the case, things don’t always go your way in this sci-fi, adventure anime game.

There are 4 main characters in “Peace Of Evil”:

  • Aeric.
  • Lexi.
  • Lia.
  • Eirene.

All of which are part of the fox race, except Aeric. The emperor.


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2. Trinoline 

Trinoline game

This beautiful sci-fi, romance game was developed by Minori. And it takes you on the journey of Shun Nanami, who’s sister drowned to death.

He chooses to make the most of his sister by leading a life she could have never lived.


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3. Terrible Laboratory (Hentai)

Terrible Laboratory e1558875123960

Konica, the main character of this game is forced to do everything she can to earn money. After someone she trusts sabotages a robot she built, and joins a rival company.

It’s your job to help Konica save and protect her reputation!


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4. Space Live

space live game

Imagine being able to upload yourself into the digital world. That’s the concept of Space Live.

Humans have abandoned the real world and uploaded themselves, and there’s a battle for net-space between hot space idols!


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5. Galaxy Girls Deluxe Adult Edition (Hentai)

Galaxy Girls Deluxe Adult Edition e1558876449307

Erica, the main protagonist, and other characters wake up one day on a spaceship. Each given different roles like Captain and Engineer.

As a player – it’s your job to complete the strange mission that’s been forced upon you.

The Deluxe version comes with extra DLC and more!


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6. Himawari – The Sunflower

Himawari The Sunflower game

Himari The Sunflower is about Hinata, the main protagonist who survives a space plane crash.

What follows next makes this an emotional sci-fi story that will hit you in the feels!


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7. Stargazers – Adult Version (Hentai)

Stargazers Adult Version


“I really have nothing more to say other than I love this title. Definitely the biggest factors for this title come from not just the overall artwork, which reminds me of old sci-fi tv shows like Lost in Space, but also from the character development.”


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8. MYTH 

myth game

Join Shimon, a girl who lives in the shadow village. And the protagonist – Meito who lives in the world of light.

After meeting Shimon he becomes interested in Shadows, and the mystery begins to unfold.


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9. Space Pirate Sara (Hentai)

space pirate sara

Join Sara on her wild adventures of conquering the galaxy! And the surprising traps that await Sara along her journey.

This game has a total of 6 characters, with Sara being a protagonist!


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10. Armored Warrior Iris (Hentai)

Armored Warrior Iris

Help Iris Rebel, the main protagonist eradicate the “human trafficking network” that discriminates against women in space!

And you’ll help all the other girls do their daily jobs so they can maintain peace and order.


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11. Lapis Gunner (Hentai)

Cho Dengeki Stryker

The tale of a young hero, imitating the heroes he loves. Who then later becomes the person they’ve always wanted to be.

You get to drive the story forward in this crazy action, sci-fi, comedy video game. With a total of 16 characters!


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