Saturday AM Partners With StreetWear Brand For #BlackLivesMatter

saturday am partners with streetwear brand

Diverse manga-style comics imprint, SATURDAY AM is helping to raise awareness and funding for the #BlackLivesMatter movement via a collaboration from up and coming streetwear fashion brand, SHINDA IRO APPAREL.

With a pair of original designs by popular Nigerian YouTuber & Saturday AM co-founder, Whyt Manga, as well as New York-based phenom artist, DAGGER STARFIGHTER, this limited-edition collection of apparel captures the essence of the young multi-ethnic protestors seeking to end racial inequality.

The designs reference several iconic images in this struggle such as the words I CAN’T BREATH as well as the PRIDE FLAG to highlight the unique struggles of black gay and trans citizens who also endure harsh treatment at the hands of police and institutions.

Fans can also expect to see favorite characters from Saturday AM series APPLE BLACK as well as from Saturday PM series BACASSI and Saturday Brunch magazine’s SPIRIT PIZZA.

All proceeds will go to Color Of Change, ActBlue (, and The Equal Justice Initiative.

To see all of the designs, size and style options please go to:

“In my 46 years, I’ve never quite seen anything like these current protests,” said Frederick L. Jones, Founder, and Publisher of Saturday AM.

“Having marched in the MILLION MAN MARCH in 1995, this is a special moment as so many talented and diverse young people are peacefully coming together, which reinforces our mission of making manga for everyone so that future generations continue to see each other as equals”.

Saturday AM is a partner of Anime Motivation.

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