#SaturdayAM Launches Saturday Brunch Magazine, Celebrating Female & LGBTQ Creators!

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MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC is proud to launch Saturday BRUNCH, the next iteration in its diverse line of digital anthology magazines.

With their flagship shonen brand, Saturday AM, having crossed 120 consecutive issues after its 2013 launch, MyFutprint continues to champion diverse manga-style comics.

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Saturday BRUNCH is the new JOSEI-inspired magazine that speaks to older female readers as well as those who identify as LGBTQ+.

The anthology will feature articles and interviews with prominent brands and creators like YURIMOTHER when the magazine launches this Fall.

A special Zero issue of Saturday Brunch during PRIDE MONTH and readers got a sneak peek of two of the upcoming exclusive series that will be serialized:

  • SPIRIT PIZZA by Instagram artist, @DAGGERSTARFIGHTER offers a moody tale of a young black female New Yorker who desperately takes a job at a Pizza parlor which is a front for a DEMON HUNTING guild.

  • HENSHIN! by Instagram artist @IAMBONIDLE presents a fresh take on the SENTAI phenomenon with a Gay British hero named Alex bravely stepping into the role of a monster fighting Superhero.

“Words cannot express how excited we are to launch Saturday Brunch Magazine,” said Frederick L. Jones, founder and publisher of MyFutprint Entertainment.

“By bringing even more diverse creators to our global fanbase with true depictions of female and/or queer heroes, villains, or protagonists for stories that are as unique as the characters themselves.”

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Find Saturday Brunch as well as Saturday AM, Saturday PM, and other diverse manga properties from MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC’s new SATURDAY AM – GLOBAL COMICS app for Android and Apple devices.

Available for download FREE.





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