Saturday AM x FLICK GAMES Available on IOS & Android (Start Playing Now)

Saturday Am Flick Saolitaire Deck
Written by Anime Motivation

The Flick Solitaire mobile game from flick games is a modern version of the classic solitaire experience with several play modes including elevens, pyramid and classic.

Every monthly deck features an amazing up and coming artist from around the world with inspirations ranging from black hair to monsters to pixel art to drag queens, and more.

Get the NEW Saturday AM deck today by downloading the app!


Saturday AM Solitaire preview

YouTube video

Features include:

  • 52 card illustrations with characters from Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Saturday BRUNCH, and even our new brand, Saturday AFTERNOON!
  • New sound effects with custom Japanese Audio.
  • New Custom designed Backgrounds.
  • New Character DEBUTS featuring original characters from and/or designed by Whyt Manga, Rashad Milhouse, Issaka Galadima and more.
  • New particle effects.

flick solitaire saturday am cover


flick solitaire saturday am

flick solitaire saturday am game


Site for more info:

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For a solitare game, this is actually really addicting to play. Definitely recommend people to go try it out!

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