27+ Amazing Sailor Moon T Shirts You Should Consider Buying

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anime and characters behind it (who are pioneers in the industry).

If you’re an anime fan who wants Sailor Moon T Shirts from:

  • Serena (Usagi/Sailor Moon).
  • Sailor Mars.
  • Sailor Jupiter.
  • Sailor Venus.
  • Sailor Mercury.

And other characters, this list is for you and your wishlist.

Let’s get started.


1. Sailor Moon Meow T Shirt

sailor meow t shirt

Sailor Meow T Shirt with minature icons of each main character.

Sailor Meow T Shirt


2. Sailor Queen T Shirt Black

sailor queen t shirt

Picture of Sailor Moon with Artimus, the black cat.

Sailor Queen T Shirt


3. Sailor Moonlight T Shirt

sailor moonlight t shirt

Backdrop of the “sailor moonlight” scene with all sailor moon girls.

Sailor Moonlight T Shirt


4. Sailor Spice Girls T Shirtsailor spice girls

Sailor Spice girls logo with “sailor” text, representing each Sailor color.

Sailor Spice Girls T Shirt


5. The Silver Crystal T Shirt

the silver crystal t shirt sailor moon

Beautiful design of the sailor crystal.

Sailor Crystal T Shirt


6. Sailor Wonder Moon T Shirt

sailor wonder moon t shirt

Sailor Moon with a sword and the moon as a backdrop.

Sailor Wonder Moon T Shirt


7. Moonlight Cats T Shirt

moonlight cats t shirt

Moonlight cats (Serena and Tuxedo Mask as cats).

Sailor Moonlight Cats T Shirt


8. Sailor Moon Skull T Shirt

sailor skull t shirt

Sailor Moon in a skull form and Japanese text.

Sailor Skull T Shirt


9. Knight Of The Moonlight T Shirt

knight of the moonlight t shirt

Knight of the moonlight – Tuxedo Mask with a small image of Sailor Moon.

Knight Of The Moonlight T Shirt


10. Sailor Moon Tee

sailor moon tee

Sailor Moon Tee


11. Kokeshi Sailor Moon T Shirt

sailor moon kokeshi

Kawaii Kokeshi Sailor Moon tee.

Sailor Moon Kokeshi T Shirt


12. Moonbucks Coffee T Shirt

moonbucks coffee

Re-make of Starbucks with Sailor Moon in the middle.

Sailor Moonbucks Coffee T Shirt


13. Sailor Moon Tattoo T Shirt

sailor moon tattoo

Sailor Moon Tattoo T Shirt


14. Sailor Moon Make Up Tee

make up sailor moon tee

Sailor Moon make-up tee.

Sailor Moon Make-Up T Shirt


15. Sailor Venus Tee

sailor venus tee

Kawaii design of Sailor Venus with white cat, “love” text and more in the background.

Sailor Venus T Shirt


16. Sailor Neptune & Uranus T Shirt

sailor neptune and uranus tee

Sailor Neptune & Uranus T Shirt


17. Sailor Moon Sun T Shirt

sailor moon sun tee

Sailor Moon with a backdrop of purple sun.

Sailor Moon Sun T Shirt


18. Black Lady T Shirt

sailor moon black lady tee

Black Lady T Shirt


19. Usagi T Shirt

usagi tee

Usagi T Shirt running to school with a school bag and bread in her mouth.

Sailor Usagi T Shirt


20. The Moon T Shirt

the moon t shirt sailor

Beautiful design of Sailor Moon with a yellow shade.

The Moon T Shirt


21. Sailor Mercury T Shirt

sailor mercury t shirt

Kawaii Sailor Mercury T Shirt of Sailor Mercury on her bed.

Sailor Mercury T Shirt


22. Sailor Jupiter T Shirt

sailor jupiter t shirt

Kawaii Sailor Jupiter T Shirt with Jupiter in bed with the TV remote.

Sailor Jupiter T Shirt


23. Sailor Moon Kawaii T Shirt

sailor moon kawaii t shirt

Kawaii Sailor Moon Usagi T Shirt cuddling up with Artimus the cat.

Sailor Moon Kawaii T Shirt


24. Super Inner Senshi T Shirt

super inner senshi t shirt

Sailor Moon Super Inner Senshi Tee


25. Merry Senshi Sweater 

merry senshi sweater

Merry Senshi Sweater with Sailor Moon character icons.

Sailor Merry Senshi Sweater


26. Sailor Moon Blue T Shirt

sailor moon blue t shirt

Sailor Moon Blue Tee with golden design.

Sailor Moon Blue T Shirt


27. Fighting Senshi Vintage T Shirt

fighting senshi t shirt

Special fighting senshi sailor moon tee with “pretty soldiers” at the top.

Sailor Fighting Senshi T Shirt


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