The Ultimate List Of RPG Anime Games You Should Try (18+)

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The BEST RPG Anime games – how do you even decide what’s the “best”?

Everyone has different tastes, but generally when it comes to RPG – most fans of the genre like a certain style or approach that tends to be accepted.

Well, whatever your interests are when it comes to anime RPG games, there are plenty here to choose from.

Whether it’s adult games or P.G games for any age.

Here they are.


Best List Of RPG Anime Games Online (Hentai):


1. Marle: The Labyrinth of the Black Sea

Marle The Labyrinth of the Black Sea game 2

Play as Grand Magician: Marle, an adventurer on a journey to the island of Isola. And discover what’s waiting for you on the other side!


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2. Reign of the Succubus

Reign of the Succubus

The Island of Eden is one known to fulfill all your desires. And with all the succubus found there, it’s not surprising.

It’s your job to survive on an island full of succubus after arriving shipwrecked, with nowhere else to go!


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3. Slave’s Sword 2

Slaves Sword 2

Play as the aristocratic knight – Luna, in this “escape” style RPG game!

Your goal is to take down the empire, but things get a little dicey.


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4. Leanna’s Slice of Life

Leannas Slice of Life

Play as Leanna, a kind hearted, naive young girl in a somewhat peaceful village. And help her “pay off” her debts.


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5. Holy Road

Holy Road

As the main character – you’ve been exiled to a desolate village. And now you have to bring to this new village by defending it against bandits and outside threats.


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6. Kunoichi Botan 

Kunoichi Botan

Play as Botan in this stealth and assassination-type RPG game. And help Botan fulfill her mission of retrieving one of her comrades who’s been kidnapped by the enemy.


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7. Sister Travel 

Sister Travel game

Accept a range of quests as you travel the land with a party of “sisters”.

There are 6 characters in this game in total. And lots to explore!


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8. Roundscape: Adorevia 

Roundscape Adorevia

4 main characters and dozens of scenes waiting to play themselves out for you.Note: this game is considered “hardcore”.


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9. Seed of Evil

Seed of Evil

In this tentacles RPG game, play as Anna as you choose to either “fight” or evade your enemies. While uncovering the secrets of the water city, Somonden.


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10. Leviathan ~A Survival RPG

Leviathan A Survival RPG

Survival RPG game that takes place during your battle with a Leviathon, leaving you stranded and shipwrecked.

You can even customize your characters looks, which has a direct affect on other outcomes in the game!


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11. Niplheim’s Hunter – Branded Azel Uncensored 

Niplheims Hunter Branded Azel Uncensored

Play as the hunter girl, Azel, in this turn based RPG game and defeat monsters with a variety of skills.

There are 3 characters in total.


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12. Slave’s Sword 1

Slaves Sword 1

In Slave Sword’s first version, you also play as the aristocratic knight before becoming enslaved.

If you enjoy this – you’ll love Slave’s Sword 2!


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13. Lilipalace 


Play as Seria, a knight who’s out to investigate a strange place that’s like a Mirage. Appearing and disappearing and capturing people unsuspectingly.

What waits for you inside this place is demons, but not the ordinary kind of demons Seria’s expecting.


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14. Treasure Hunter Claire

Treasure Hunter Claire

Play as Claire, the blonde protagonist and help defeat monsters left behind from the Demon King’s battle of the past in the kingdom.

And help bring peace once again.


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15. President Yukino

President Yukino 1

President Yukino falls for a boy named Souji, and things change forever for Yukino’s once ordinary lifestyle.

Help Yukino earn money so she can get into university by taking only the jobs you like!


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16. Desecration of Wings

Desecration of Wings

Enter a world with four races, playing as the main character: Feletna. Who’s a historian forced to prostitution by the courts.


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17. Ouroboros 

Ouroboros 1

As the hero you must set out on a quest to save the princess. Running into dungeons and monsters that attempt to distract you from your mission.


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