7 Things That MUST Happen When Re:Zero Season 2 Airs (July 2020)

re zero season 2 wallpaper subaru emilia witch of greed

Re:Zero season 2 is dropping on July 8th 2020. A follow-up that was meant to air in April but got delayed because of corona.

The original anime series aired back in April 2016 and is now a successful Isekai series.

The trailer leaves you curious with the pile of bodies laying around the path Subaru walks through.

Not to mention Ram, the pink haired sister of Rem is one of the corpses in the pile of bodies.

There’s a lot of mysterious events that need explaining in season 2’s plot.

There’s plenty of questions that need answering.

Here are some expectations that need to come true in Re:Zero season 2.


Questions & Observations:


1. Where’s REM?

rem angry re zero

In Re:Zero season 2, Rem has gone MISSING in the plot.

This is obviously by design. She’s been wiped from existence in the new upcoming series.

Light Novel readers who’ve completed Re:Zero so far will understand, but anime fans are in the dark.

  • What happened to Rem?
  • Where is she?
  • Why did this happen to Rem?
  • Will she play an important role in season 2 or a minor role?

These questions need to be answered in season 2. I’d like to see them answered.

Rem was never a protagonist to begin with, but her unusual role in the anime (despite being a side character) has left a mark. So it should be interesting to see what happens next.


2. Emilia’s character development

emilia smiling with puck re zero

Rem fans more than anyone else moans about Emilia’s lack of character development… Relative to Rem’s that is.

Emilia is a main character like Subaru, so the point isn’t irrelevant.

There’s more to see as far as:

  • Who Emilia will become.
  • What pushes her to develop and grow.
  • How she grows.
  • And the impact this will have on Emilia’s likability.

Emilia’s likable as it is, but not everyone see’s it that way.

Either way you look at it though, Emilia’s character development will be a major highlight.

It’s something we need to see.


3. Emilia’s backstory

emilia angry face re zero

Remember this scene from Re:Zero? It’s where Subaru calls Emilia “Satella”.

Before Subaru dies and is reborn through return by death, Emilia foolishly tells Subaru her name is “Satella”.

In this scene above she gets angry and berates him for it.

This is relevant because:

  • Emilia later explains her annoyance of being misjudged
  • She’s a half elf.
  • She actually looks like Satella.

And we don’t know a thing about her backstory. Or WHY she’s a half elf and how that plays into her character.

Or why her appearance is so strikingly similar to the witch of envy.

We also don’t know her childhood, how she becomes a princess and so on.

There’s a lot of gaps to fill in season 2 and a lot of info that needs sharing when it drops.

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4. The Witch Of Envy – Satella

the witch of envy re zero

The Witch Of Envy, Satella, is one of the more mysterious parts of Re:Zero’s story.

She’s always there, but she’s never there. Known but never seen. Understood but missing in action.

Only Subaru Natsuki knows because he’s the only one who’s allowed to know.

But that doesn’t answer:

  • Satella’s real motives.
  • Why she’s inside Subaru.
  • Why she’s using Subaru.
  • How it all even happened.
  • Her role in the bigger story of Re:Zero.

And so on.

The Witch Of Envy has some gaps to fill and I’d like to see the plot iron it out, or reveal something in season 2.


5. The Witch Of Greed – Echidna

echidna witch of greed re zero

The Witch Of Greed, Echidna, is new to Re:Zero fans of the anime.

  • Who is she?
  • Why is she a key character?
  • How does this link to the end of season 1?
  • Is Echidna associated with Satella somehow?
  • If not, what will happen when she finds out?

The Witch Of Greed is gonna play a big role in re:zero season 2. We can see that.

I’d like to see how she’s connected to any of the other characters, if at all.


6. Where’s Elsa Granhiert – The Bowel Hunter?

elsa the bowel hunter gif

Have you noticed since the first few episodes, Elsa’s nowhere to be seen?

  • Where is Elsa?
  • Why hasn’t she made an appearance yet?
  • Will she play a role in Re:Zero season 2?
  • How will she play a role, and will be a big one?

Elsa disappeared after promising to return and “kill” everyone she failed to during episode 2-3.

She’s one of the most interesting villains straight from the beginning. I’d like to see Elsa come back and play a role in the story.

She’s a wasted villain otherwise.


7. Why is RAM one of the dead bodies in the trailer?

ram dead re zero season 2

If you pay attention, on the right side of the image (when Subaru’s walking through the corpses) one of them is RAM.

Why is Ram dead? Is she dead? She looks it.

What happened to her and all of the other people? Probably The Witch Of Greed, right? But why?

Could be a plot twist, meaning maybe Echidna did nothing. But maybe Ram’s death is connected to Emilia.

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There’s a lot to see in the new re:zero series.

Lots of questions, few answers. Let’s see how it plays out.

Got something to add? Let’s hear it!

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