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19+ Classic Quotes From Revolutionary Girl Utena For Anime Fans

revolutionary girl utena anime wallpaper
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Revolutionary Girl Utena quotes taken from characters:

  • Akio Ohtori.
  • Anthy Himemiya.
  • Mamiya Chida.
  • Juri Arisugawa.
  • Souji Mikage.
  • Touga Kiryuu.
  • Utena Tenjou.
  • Wakaba Shinohara.
  • Kozue Kaoru.
  • Shiori Takatsuki.

Revolutionary Girl Utena  is a classic anime series produced by J.C Staff in the late 1990’s.

For a 39-episode anime there aren’t dozens of quotables, but there are some quotes that hit the mark.

Let’s focus on the BEST quotes from Revolutionary Girl Utena.


1. Souji Mikage Quotes

souji mikage quotes

“Ancient creatures died and left naught but fossil fuels, like coal and petroleum. Without that sacrifice, our present energy civilization would not exist. That sort of sacrifice is what is always demanded.” – Souji Mikage


2. Akio Ohtori Quotes

akio ohtori quotes

“This device paints the illusion of fairy tales for those with naive wishes in their hearts, who say they wish something eternal existed, who say they wish the power of miracles existed. But, there’s no place higher than this room. This room is the summit of Ohtori Academy, and of the world.” – Akio Ohtori


akio ohtori quotes 1

“Women who cannot become princesses have no choice but to become witches.” – Akio Ohtori


akio ohtori quotes 2

“The Morning Star…also known as Lucifer. The star that was originally an angel, but chose to become the Devil.” – Akio Ohtori


akio ohtori quotes 3

“You remind me so much of myself from the past. I also used to think that perseveration had some credits, that it was the best way to change the world… but with that alone you cannot accomplish anything. Without power, you’re doomed to become dependent on others, that’s the way the world works.” – Akio Ohtori


3. Juri Arisugawa Quotes

Juri Arisugawa quotes

“There is only one person who you can each truly love. It’s too bad that you can’t change who that person is. If you could, the you both would be a lot happier.” – Juri Arisugawa


4. Anthy Himemiya Quotes

Anthy Himemiya quotes

“I am the Rose Bride. I must do whatever the winner of the duels tells me to do.” – Anthy Himemiya


Anthy Himemiya quotes 1

“People find it hard to doubt those they’ve fallen in love with. They can’t even imagine they’re being deceived and used.” – Anthy Himemiya


Anthy Himemiya quotes 2

“You really don’t know what happened, do you? It doesn’t matter. By all means, stay in this cozy coffin of yours and continue to play prince. But I have to go now. She’s not gone at all, she merely vanished form your world. Farewell.” – Anthy Himemiya


Anthy Himemiya quotes 3

“I feel it’s hard for me to deal with a place where there are so many people. Somehow, they all start to look the same, and that frightens me.” – Anthy Himemiya


Anthy Himemiya quotes 4

“If it’s for someone you love…how you feel about others doesn’t matter. You keep lying to yourself for as long as it takes.” – Anthy Himemiya


5. Mamiya Chida Quotes

Mamiya Chida quotes

“I wonder if the flowers themselves are happy, being forced to last so long. Eternity doesn’t exist in this world, does it? It’s just that one could think that a heart that longs for eternity is beautiful.” – Mamiya Chida


6. Utena Tenjou Quotes

Utena Tenjou quotes

“I guess, in the end, I couldn’t be a prince. Forgive me, Anthy, for pretending to be a prince.” – Utena Tenjou


Utena Tenjou quotes 1

“I came to save you. I came here to meet you. So don’t be afraid of this world where we’ll meet… Himemiya!” – Autena Tenjou


Utena Tenjou quotes 2

“I don’t want the power to revolutionize the world, but Himemiya needs me!” – Utena Tenjou


7. Touga Kiryuu Quotes

touga kiryuu quotes

“If you won’t defend your precious things, people will take them from you.” – Touga Kiryuu


8. Wakaba Shinohara Quotes

Wakaba Shinohara quotes

“When I was a little girl, my mama said to me, “You’re the princess of the Onion Kingdom!” and I actually believed her.” – Wakaba Shinohara


9. Kozue Kaoru Quotes

Kozue Kaoru quotes

“When everything around you is impure, you have no choice but to become impure yourself.” – Kozue Kaoru


10. Shiori Takatsuki Quotes

Shiori Takatsuki quotes

“Believe in miracles, and they will know your feelings.” – Shiori Takatsuki



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