Re:Zero Season 2 Is Set To Air In April 2020 (Official Date)

re zero season 2 april 2020

Re:Zero season 1 first aired in 2016. And ever since it’s become one of the most unique and popular Isekai’s of all time.

Not to mention one of the darkest of its kind.

The anime is produced by Studio Whitefox (same studio as Steins Gate).

And now the official website of Re:Zero has officially announced the second season of the anime we’ve been waiting for.

The official release date for Re:Zero season 2 is April 2020.

The exact day is unknown, but April 2020 is the confirmed month we can expect to see it.


Official Re:Zero Season 2 Images

Before the 2nd season drops, a re-edited release of season 1 will drop January 1st 2020.

The re-edited version has 25 episodes with a few changes. Including NEW scenes the original from 2016 didn’t have.


News source: Re:Zero official website



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