Re:Zero Season 2 DELAYED Until July 2020, Thanks To Coronavirus

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Re:Zero season 2’s release date was originally planned for April 2020.

I covered it already: Re:Zero Season 2 Is Set To Air In April 2020

The 2nd season has been anticipated for years at this point, and now it’s finally coming.


But Re:Zero Season 2 Has Been Delayed

Taken from Re:Zero’s official twitter account, they announced the delay is because of the coronavirus in Japan.

It’s getting in the way of anime production, schedule dates, and working on dozens of anime across Japan. Re:Zero happens to be one of the latest.


On their official website it says:

Currently, we are planning to broadcast from July, so if the details of the broadcast date and time are decided, we will inform you again on the official website and official Twitter (@Rezero_official)”

So there you have it.

The official broadcast date for season 2 is pushed to July 2020 unless they make another announcement before then, or further delay it. Depending on how things turn out this year.

News source: Re:Zero Official Website



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6 thoughts on “Re:Zero Season 2 DELAYED Until July 2020, Thanks To Coronavirus

  1. Tiggredcat says:

    W…w..w.what about Log Horizon?! I’ve been waiting SO LONG! (Uh… that’s what she said!)

    • Theo J Ellis says:

      They haven’t really gone into detail about it. Just that it’s affecting their production cycle, and they have to reschedule.

      We can assume someone’s either been infected, or the area they’re in has a lot of cases and they’re concerned about it. So they’re holding out for the moment.

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