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Project QT: A Puzzle RPG Hentai Game With Lewd Monster Girls (Review)

Project Qt Hentai Game Review
Avatar of Mahathir M

Project QT is an action-adventure RPG genre game released by game developer Nutaku.

Nutaku is known as a developer of various hentai games, most of which are intended for adults or over 18 years.

Project QT has a science fiction background. The world that is told in this game has also developed in terms of technology and science.

These advances make humans ambitious to reach outer space and leave the earth.

Project QT | Sci-fi Anime Game (NSFW)
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This game tells the story of humans beginning to study cosmic black holes, with the experiment conducted on a black hole located at the North Pole.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that the black hole is related to another dimension in outer space that contains alien beings.


Beautiful monster girls

giselle project qt big tiddies

The alien creatures in this game is a monster that looks like a beautiful and sexy girl.

The black hole experiment paved the way for these monsters to descend to Earth, so the monsters have ambitions to invade planet Earth.

At that moment the world instantly became chaotic.

The chaos that occurred in the world made the beautiful girls on Earth determined to defend the Earth, so they formed an army consisting of beautiful and sexy girls.

Their goal being to protect the life of mankind.

project qt sexy girl guns hentai

That’s where the game in Project QT begins.

As players, we will be asked to fight with these girls to protect the world from destruction and make our harem with the girls.


The girls in this game are divided into several clubs

project qt maid

These clubs determine the attribute which makes the game unique.

As a roleplaying game, the characters will be divided according to the role/club.

There are:

  • tankers
  • support
  • healers

And damage dealers.

Apart from the role, some elements represent the power of nature in each character, and this element needs to be connected during the battle phase to perform special moves and combos.

project qt babes

This game offers many features to its players.

Starting from an interesting story mode to complete, there’s:

  • PVP mode
  • battles with other players
  • daily logins

And weekly missions.

The existence of weekly missions will speed up the possibility of increasing rare items that can be used on the girl you have.


Waifu Wars

project qt waifu wars

There is also a “waifu wars” feature that allows us to put the waifu in the game against friends.

As for the feature of the gacha system, to get 64 girls of your dreams you exchange several coins and gems to attract gacha.

Besides that, to finish this game the player must make his waifu stronger.

Although there are many similar games, the advantage of this game is that it has a very good lewd sex scene and story.

Moreover, the QT Project can be played on PC browsers and Android by downloading it from the Nutaku website.

elva project qt lewd

This game also displays image quality in HD anime style with very strong details.

The service we get will make you more curious about the lewd scenes with each female character. Even so, there are some items and characters that you’ll only get exclusively with Nutaku coins.

This is a game you should try and it is worth playing even though it is a free-to-play game.


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Project QT JRPG Adult Game

Sci-fi RPG Hentai game with rankings, achievements to unlock, and more at your fingertips!

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We earn a commission from vetted partners and affiliates if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.