Pornhub Says THIS Was The Most Popular Search Term By Irish Fans

Pornhub Says THIS Was The Horniest Search Term By Irish Fans In Ireland 2
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I covered a similar story last year about pornhub, their statistics, and how HENTAI was their most popular search term for the year 2021. In all countries, as a general rule.

This year may be similar, but now we’ll focus on specifics relating to:

  • Irish anime and hentai fans.
  • What they search the most in Ireland.
  • What the top 10 most famous search terms related to anime/hentai.

And an insight into Irish fans’ interests overall.

“Ireland ranks 42nd for traffic to Pornhub, which is much higher than its worldwide population rank of 124th. The average visitor from Ireland spends 9 minutes and 33 seconds on Pornhub, which is about 20 seconds less than the worldwide average.” – Pornhub


Hentai is one of the top 10 searches in Ireland (Pornhub)

ireland top pornhub searches hentai 1

Out of 10 searches overall (top 10), Hentai makes it in 8th place in Ireland.

Interestingly it’s placed just before “big tits” and “Asian”, the latter of which is related to Hentai in the context it’s being searched in.

Ireland has a total population of 5 million for reference.


Ireland’s Top Relative Searches by Region 2022

Pornhub Relative Searches Hentai Anime Japanese 2022

Depending on where you look on the map of Ireland, certain places are more catered to anime, Hentai, cartoons, or Japan in general.

Areas of interest related to anime:

  • Laois (Anime).
  • Cavan (Anime).
  • Wexford (Cartoons).
  • Wicklow (Japanese).
  • Kildare (Cosplay).

As you can see with these two regions in particular, Laois and Cavan search “anime” when using pornhub more than any other part of Ireland.

The others search terms that are loosely connected like Cosplay, Japanese, and cartoons.

Source: Pornhub


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