This Is What Pokemon Can Teach You About Friendship

This Is What Pokemon Can Teach You About Friendship

Pokemon has been around since 1996. That’s almost 2 whole decades.

It’s still going strong in 2016. With millions of die-hard fans all over the world.

And It can only continue to get better!

Ever watched the Pokemon Anime series, movies, or played the video games?

Then you may have noticed these friendship life lessons Pokemon can teach you. 🙂

1. Best friendships take time to develop

Think about Ash Ketchum in the beginning of Pokemon.

When he first used Pikachu, he wasn’t good at communicating with Pikachu.

And rightly so because the friendship between Ash & Pikachu was premature. It was too early in the series.

But as time passes by he learns how to communicate and understand Pikachu.

And their bond grows stronger and stronger.

To the point where they form an unbreakable friendship together.


Life works the same way

You can’t expect to develop friendships if you’re not willing to dedicate time to it.

The keyword here is time.

The longer you commit to it regardless of how nervous you’ll feel, the better your friendship will turn out.

Good things take time.

2. Friendship is about being there for each other

Ash and Pikachu faced a lot of struggles throughout the entire series. Even in the newer Pokemon series.

As well as all the Pokemon movies.

Had Ash not been there for Pikachu and vice versa, their friendship wouldn’t have become as strong as it is.

The lesson is – Don’t be afraid of helping out a friend if you have the power to do so.

This isn’t a competition, so don’t treat it like one.

It’s less about being stubborn and letting your ego get in the way, than it is about making a difference for the better.

If you can make the difference, your friendship will thank you for it.

3. Friendship is about sharing your experiences

There are things you can do with friends that you can’t do by yourself.

Like working together to accomplish a goal, helping each other out to get a task done faster, etc.

As well as having fun and sharing your experiences.

Ash and Pikachu gel so well together because they’ve worked together for a long time.

And they’ve stuck it out through the tough times together.

And have supported each other along the way.

Sometimes it’s better to share your experiences with someone else than it is to deal with it by yourself.

It makes it a little easier to deal with.

So to summarize this post:

  • The best friendships take time.
  • Friendship is about being there for each other.
  • Friendship is about sharing experiences.

Pokemon fans, can you add anymore to this list? 


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