Pocket Waifu: The Visual Novel-Style Hentai Game (Review)

Pocket Waifu Hentai Game Review (8)
Written by Mahathir M

Nothing beats your favorite waifu’s thrill. Especially if you can have it anywhere on your device.

There are happy 2D girls waiting for you for:

  • Feeding.
  • Cleansing.
  • Sleeping.


Use your skills to fulfill your endless sexual desires.

The game is released and honored to the iconic Tamagotchi by Super Hippo. In other words, the game gives nostalgia, while adding a feeling for the adults (18+).

Get ready to enjoy some sex scenes to watch, and I’m sure you expect them.

This game allows players to take on the position of a character who accepts a risky offer to make love to a demon in order to obtain a lady.

Because you have the capacity to attract ladies on your own, you may also play the role of their caretaker.

There are numerous challenges in this game, but the gameplay is equally crucial. While trying to cheer up the attractive chicks, you can play six minigames with them.

Date all of them at the same time to bring out the obscenity in each of them.

By playing six mini-games, you will get rewarded with steamy, uncensored CG images, as well as more than 30 animated sex sequences.

The Developer’s goal is to make you spend your time with a pocket waifu you have.

You’re greeted by wonderful women who will lavish their attention, care, and time on you.

The other thing is you also can enjoy pictures of sexy chicks with chubby asses from all over the world to keep you entertained.

Pocket Waifu wants to supply you with as many flavors as possible to satisfy your demands.

There are:

  • Bright blondes
  • Short brunettes
  • Big-breasted women

And more to be found.

In summary, everyone gets a small amount, but it’s enough to satisfy you once you’ve finished playing, assuming you can force yourself to stop.

‘According to the taste of gamers,’ the girls here are seductive and highly sexy.

Pocket Waifu not only offers the same character in many outfits. Their females on the contrary, have distinct body forms and personalities, and are almost like cosplay that you can summon and command in a fantasy realm.


You can dress up your waifu in any outfit you like

What do you like to wear when it comes to formal attire? Are you looking for some sexy underwear? Is that a seductive outfit?

It makes no difference. Choose from a wide range of attractive and enticing outfits and dress the waifu to your liking.

Believe me when I say that if you play this game, you will begin to forget about the other games.

Even though this game is free there still in game purchases to make your girls look adorable and cute.

Enjoy daily tasks and complete them to gain bonuses. You can customize your space with a variety of furniture in addition to choosing clothes for your waifu to add to the fun of playing.

Although there aren’t many options, more will surely be introduced in the near future.

I’m guessing they’re seeking comments for the next three months or so. As a result, they will improve it and ensure that players have a better gaming experience on PC browser and mobile device.

Nonetheless, if you want to try out stunning women and play the position of their guard, this is a game you should absolutely explore.


Give it a try

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