Philippines Artist Creates Urban Style Anime Drawings With Unbelievable Talent

anime drawings with a urban hip hop style
Written by Theo J Ellis

Van Goathe, an artist out of the Philippines has been creating some unbelievable anime art with great talent.

The artist started out realizing there’s no rules to anime art and how it can be expressed.

This took him to anime, and he’s managed to create his own urban, hip hop style. Blended into some of the most known anime characters from a range of shows.

Though not all of his designs are of anime characters specifically.


Urban Style Anime Drawings by Goathe:


Nezuko Kamado


Bakugo Katsuki


Kobe Bryant


Mob Psycho 100 Characters


One Piece Characters




Samurai Champloo


Naruto Uzumaki


Great Teacher Onizuka


Other Urban Anime Styles (Hip Hop)

Goathe, the Philippines anime artist wants to create a anime characters. Fused with Hip Hop and urban culture.

By the looks of it he’s well on his way.

I know a lot of you follow Anime Motivation from the Philippines, so you’ll be hyped to hear about this.


News source: Fandom Wire.


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