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A Collection Of Sweet Quotes From Paradise Kiss About Romance

Paradise Kiss anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Koizumi George.
  • Daisuke Yamamoto.
  • Yukari Hayasaka.

Paradise Kiss is a romance/josei anime, similar to Chihayafuru. It’s a series produced by Madhouse in the 2000’s.

If you’re a fan of this mature romance series, and the collection of quotes related to romance, this is for you.

Here are the best lines.


1. Daisuke Yamamoto Quotes

daisuke yamamoto quotes anime |

“A woman’s happiness is in throwing everything away to live for love.” – Daisuke Yamamoto


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“Miwako, George is Bi. He is gender blind.” – Daisuke Yamamoto


2. Yukari Hiyasaka Quotes

yukari hayasaka quotes |

“He turns the black-and-white landscape into brilliant colors. That’s what George was to me. Even if our paths don’t ever cross again, that will never change.” – Yukari Hayasaka


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“I’m alright. All I did was lose a love. Even without George, this city is still overflowing with people. My days are busy. Nothing will change. But… why do the lights look like they’re in black-and-white? Just because one person isn’t here.” – Yukari Hayasaka


yukari hayasaka quotes 2 |

“I’m not going to lose. No matter how hard it is, I’m not going to run away. Watch me use this hand and capture the future!” – Yukari Hayasaka


yukari hayasaka quotes 3 |

“Loving a person isn’t about logic or reason.” – Yukari Hayasaka


3. Koizumi George Quotes

koizumi george quotes |

“I’ll make you so in love with me, that every time our lips touch you’ll die a little.” – Koizumi George


koizumi george quotes 1 |

“Stop rushing me. I want to take my time falling in love with you.” – Koizumi George


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