Pakistan Is Producing Its First Anime – Set To Release 2020/2021

the glassworker pakistan anime

It’s ironic that not long ago I said Pakistan hasn’t made their first anime yet.

And it might not happen for a while because of anime’s stance in Pakistan.

Digital Artist Turns Pakistan Into A Naruto-Style Designs!

And yet here we are with Pakistan’s First Anime named ‘The Glassworker’ (Sheeshagar in Urdu).

It is directed by Usman Riaz. An animator in Pakistan.

It will be fully hand drawn and is set to release in the end of 2020 or early 2021.

This is the link of the Progue Trailer of the upcoming film.

Now this is the Sneak Peak of ‘The Glassworker’ Prelude and behind the scenes video.

THIS is the Pakistani animators instagram page where you can stay updated.

And of course – a video of the Founder giving a speech. He’s the man behind the upcoming anime in Pakistan.

He’s also the founder of Mano Animation Studios.

News source thanks to Muhammad (by email).



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