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The Most Over-hyped Anime Movies Of All Time

In the last couple of years, anime has fallen into a pool of success with its short, romantic movies. And even movies that are more supernatural.

But you know what? There are 3 anime movies I’ll never be able to wrap my head around.

When I was first introduced to these 3 movies, I had high expectations like anybody else… Because I was choking on the hype shoved down my throat.

And after watching? The hype destroyed my expectations, and left me with one question:

  • Is this REALLY what anime fans consider an emotional, high quality movie?

Because from where I stand, there are MUCH better shows that deserve more credit.

Let’s talk about these “mystery” movies I think are overhyped and disappointingly bad.


The Most Overhyped Anime Movies:


1. Your Name

The Most Over-hyped Anime Movies Of All Time

Your Name was released back in November 2016 for UK fans.

As far as reviews:

  1. IMBD has an overall rating of 8.5/10.
  2. Rotten Tamatoes gives Your Name a 97% positive rating.
  3. MyAnimeList’s community rates Your Name a massive 9.2/10.

And that’s not all – Your Name is the highest selling anime film of all time.

That’s great for the anime industry, but in terms of what the movie offered? It’s nothing short of a joke for me.


The Animation

There’s no denying the animation quality in Your Name is impressive. It’s one of the most beautiful we’ve seen in recent years.

Even I can admit that, and I would be immature to deny it.

So in the animated department – Your Name impressed me a lot.


Characters And Story

The Most Over-hyped Anime Movies Of All Time

This is where Your Name loses its appeal for me.

The characters aren’t the worst, but the portrayal of their circumstances lacks emotion and impact. I can’t fathom what’s sad about 2 teenagers who’ve never met, and at some point are unable to “hear” each others names being called out…

It’s not like they were in a deep relationship and all a sudden – something dramatic happened that forces them apart. I find the whole thing childish and laughable.

By the end of the anime I couldn’t help but wonder – is this really it? Is this the supposedly “emotional” “heart-breaking” series I’ve heard so much about?

I suppose for teenagers, or other millennials who enjoy corny “love” stories… It makes sense why Your Name has so much appeal. Because it appeals more to fantasy than realism.

Or maybe there’s another reason I’m unable to see, because I see things differently.


2. 5 Centimeters Per Second

The Most Over-hyped Anime Movies Of All Time

5 Centimeters per second was released back in 2007! And is still mentioned today.

The producer is: Makoto Shinkai. And as far as reviews:

  1. IMDB rates it: 7.7/10.
  2. Fans on Google gave it a 91% positive rating.
  3. MyAnimeList rates it 8/10.


The Animation

Again – the animation is flawless in 5 centimeters per second. Especially when you realize this movie was made back in 2007, compared to Your Name’s 2016.

I respect Makoto Shinkai’s efforts in showcasing the beautiful backgrounds, the snow falling, character expressions and everything in between.


Characters And Story

The Most Over-hyped Anime Movies Of All Time

This is where I feel 5 Centimeters Per Second is even WORSE than Your Name.

The main characters feel empty, lack any real feelings, and the potrayal of this proves it.

While I understand the story is centered around those things, it felt unnatural in most scenes. Especially later scenes which most fans consider “sad”.

I think if 5 Centimeters Per Second was a longer movie, the execution would have been so much better. And I would have developed “something” for both characters and their dilemma’s.


3. The Garden Of Words

The Most Over-hyped Anime Movies Of All Time

The Garden Of Words was released in 2013 by Makoto Shinkai. Yes, the same guy behind 5 Centimeters Per Second.

The online reviews:

  1. IMBD rates it 7.6/10.
  2. 95% positive Google rating.
  3. 8.3/10 on MyAnimeList.


The Animation

The Most Over-hyped Anime Movies Of All Time

The animation in Garden Of Words… will leave you astonished and baffled.

Seriously, the quality is ridiculous. It doesn’t even feel like an anime at all, because it’s so insanely realistic.

Even the rain drops, facial expressions, small details and the backgrounds are elegant. I can’t say I’ve ever watched anything as aesthetically pleasing as Garden Of Words. 

Not even animation in 2018 would last 1 round in the ring with this gorgeous movie.


Characters And Story

The Most Over-hyped Anime Movies Of All Time

I love Garden of Words more than the others on this list. But… My love is unrequited. The movie didn’t return my feelings, but instead: it crushed them.

It starts out with the two main characters meeting in the public “garden” by coincidence. The teenager starts talking, which then becomes a little awkward between him and the mature woman.

Before long – the anime becomes a cliche, with the main teenage character “falling” for the mystery woman. Aka – “I love you”.

I felt a “little” for this show, but the portrayal was disappointing yet again. It was just too short to fulfill it’s promise in making me “feel” something for it within 45 minutes.

It just goes to show that animation by itself isn’t enough to satisfy your thirst.


What movie would you add to this list?

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