Otsukai Smartphone App by Manga.Tokyo (NEWS)

OSAKA, JAPAN – Japanese proxy-buying service Otsukai by MANGA.TOKYO has released a smartphone app, making it even easier for users to to make requests for all kinds of Japanese items.


Otsukai is a unique request-based Japanese proxy-buying service

Users outside Japan can upload requests for Japan-exclusive items such as anime/manga merchandise, Japanese snacks and even apparel.

Users within Japan can then make offers to purchase and ship these items to them.

Read more on how Otsukai works by clicking the link below:

The new Otsukai smartphone app is exclusive to the non-Japanese users, and allows them to easily upload and manage their requests in an even more simple way.

One user from the US says “It has a very simple interface, which i like. I didn’t have to dig for log in buttons or anything. Everything has been real easy to find.”
The new app hopes to bring a brand new simple shopping experience to fans of Japanese culture around the world.


Links to Otsukai app:

iOS app
Android app


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