“Otaku’s Don’t Like Strong Independent Women” Claims Virtual YouTuber

"Otaku's Don't Like Strong Independent Women" Claims Virtual YouTuber

We all know anime, Manga and especially Otaku’s are judged differently in Japan, compared to the west. And every country outside of Japan.

Being an Otaku in Japan isn’t anywhere near as cool, and you’re looked down on like scum of the earth.


Recentlly – a virtual YouTuber called Yuki from Japan made this tweet.

Here’s what it translates to in English:

I reckon the main reason why Ghibli anime heroines aren’t very popular with otaku is because they’re strong and independent.”

In response – one anime fan said:

I think you’re just thinking about extreme otaku geeks with this statement.”

This tweet is a part of a conversation about Studio Ghibli films, and the fact that their anime are accepted worldwide by all audiences.

They’re one of the “gateway drug” anime films nobody looks at through a negative lens as far as it being anime.

That IS some truth to it. After all – the popular anime that aren’t from Ghibli are the one’s that are seen as “childish” and “weird” by outsiders.


But do Otaku’s really dislike strong independent women?

"Otaku's Don't Like Strong Independent Women" Claims Virtual YouTuber 1

It sounds like prejudice to me. Especially when you consider studios like Madhouse who make anime with “strong independent women”.

  • Nana.
  • Monster.
  • A Place Further Than The Universe.

All these anime are made by Madhouse and they ALL have strong independent women.

Also – these anime are loved by a lot of people in the anime community. Plenty of other anime studios prove the same thing.

A “small” amount of Otaku’s might feel that way, but the comment made by Yuki is nonsense in the grand scheme of things.

That’s true even if we’re talking about Japan only, and not the west or any other country.


What are your thoughts?


Leave a comment if you have something to say about Yuki’s comments about Otaku’s.



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