Otaku’s Can’t Donate Blood To Comiket Red Cross This Year, Leading To Shortages in Japan

Otakus Cant Donate Blood To Comiket Red Cross Because Of Coronavirus Leading To Blood Shortages in Japan

Every year for a good while now, the Japanese red cross plays their part in blood donations across Japan.

2020 In particular was controversial thanks to Uzaki Chan’s art at Comiket, and the USA feminist crowd being offended by it.

In 2021 though things are looking more grim than they ever have been.

The reason? #Coronavirus

anime sample comiket blood drive

COVID-19 has been causing problems all year round. And this is just one brutal example of it.

Usually, Otaku’s, over 1500+ of them happily donate blood and help make the campaign a success every year.

But this time around they’ll struggle. And the struggle has already began.

Comiket after all, can’t be opened during the pandemic!

“Comiket was canceled but the Red Cross is still trying to attract otaku because between December 30 and January 31, the Red Cross will give gifts to donors at its permanent blood donation center with a set of posters featuring Kanata Amane and the band BanG Dream Argonavis.”

Sources: NHK News WebJ-Cast NewsJapanese Red Cross Society



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