New Crunchyroll Originals Trailer for Onyx Equinox Shows Battle Between Aztech Gods

Crunchyroll Onyx Equinox

As part of Crunchyroll’s NEW anime coming to their platform, Onyz Equinox is now on the radar.

It’s adapted from a Webtoon series just like Tower Of God and The God Of High School.

It’s expected in Summer 2020 but there’s no guarantee’s as of yet.


Onyx Equinox Description:

Meet Izel, the Aztec boy who is chosen to save mankind after the gods clutch him from the jaws of death. He’s the star of Crunchyroll’s new Originals series Onyx Equinox, a story that takes viewers on a journey across ancient Mesoamerica.

Onyx Equinox is a Crunchyroll Studios Production created by Sofia Alexander (The Powerpuff Girls, Infinity Train).

The series, which is in English, is coming soon to Crunchyroll, the world’s biggest anime streaming platform.



Source: Crunchyroll (partner of Anime Motivation).


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