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Nintendo Is Working On An Anime For The Legend Of Zelda?

zelda anime nintendo netflix
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Nintendo and Netflix are working on an anime version of “The Legend Of Zelda”.

This is big news for fans of the Zelda franchise and anime fans who are fans of Nintendo.

It was only a matter time considering how many video games are being adapted into “anime” these days.


How did this happen?

legend of zelda anime series

Studio Ghibli’s french blog spoke on how Nintendo is working on the foundations of the story for the anime.

Also – IMDB has shared a few official details of what’s to come.

That includes:

  • Season 1 being based on “the Ocarina of time” and “Majora’s Mask”.
  • Season 2 will be based on “Link to the Past”, “Link’s Awakening”, etc.
  • Season 3 will be based on “Wind Waker”, “Phantom Hourglass”.

Nintendo and Netflix will be working on this together.

This idea has been running around for years, but it looks like it has potential to become real based on recent news.


News sources:

Studio Ghibli FR



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