Netflix Releases Open Source Anime Project To Help Creatives In The Industry

Sol Levante netflix

While I’ve said a lot of things about Netflix and their role in the anime industry, the fact is they’re making some big moves.

Not many companies outside Japan are like Netflix, and fewer are doing it big like Netflix in the anime industry.

Their latest move is releasing an open source anime project.

This open source anime project is from their anime: Sol Levante, an anime they did in collaboration with Production I.G.

Production I.G. are known for Psycho Pass and other anime.

The point of this open source anime project is to encourage creatives in the industry, and give you a chance to mix and master Sol Levante, the anime.

This will give people a taste of what the process is like behind the scenes, more so with Sol Levante in particular.

As pointed out by Music Tech:

“The material includes the final Pro Tools mixing and mastering sessions, along with other useful assets to give you genuine insight into how the industry is creating immersive productions.”

Music Tech then continues:

“With access to the Atmos ADM and DAMF files and the two Pro Tools sessions, you can explore how the team mixed and mastered the production.

You can make changes yourself and experiment with the mix to better understand Dolby Atmos in action. As this method of sound design is still somewhat in its infancy, this resource could be a great way to get ahead of the curve.”

You can download the assets and more.

Here’s the link to get started:

Netflix Open Source Assets Download

News source: Music Tech.



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