Netflix Is Adapting Filipino Comic Book Series “Trese” Into A Full-Blown Anime!

trese flipino anime comic

Yeah, yeah, I know. “Anime” is something that traditionally comes from Japan. I get it mate.

Regardless, that’s not stopping Netflix from adapting and creating their own anime shows. Whether created in partnership with Japanese studios or not.

The latest on Netflix’s agenda is a successful comic book series called Trese.


Originally made in the Philippines

Trese is a Filipino comic book series made back in the 2000’s. But the creator wanted to gain more attention and ended up running a crowdfunding campaign.

Long story short, Netflix got involved and here we are today.

According to Syfy:

“The series stars occult detective Alexandra Trese, who tussles with a variety of supernatural manifestations while wielding the powers of the Mandirigmang-Babaylan (warrior-shaman) and armed with a collection of antiquities including a magical dagger called The Sinag.

Trese is accompanied by her bloodthirsty twin bodyguards, Basilio and Crispen, also known as the Kambal. Descendants of the Bukidnon god of war, Talagbusao, the Kambal are loyal to Trese, specialize in melee combat, and are armed to the teeth with weaponry.”

They continue:

“The main character of Trese was originally Anton Trese, a mash-up of Batman, John Constantine, Fox Mulder, and Kolchak. But Tan had a nagging feeling that he was creating a carbon copy of what he knew.

How could Trese be different? There hadn’t been a hard-boiled, female lead in Filipino noir comics. So Tan changed his protagonist so that she was Anton’s daughter, Alexandra, a wicked spellcaster who’s more than willing to pluck bad guys’ eyeballs from their sockets.”


An original Netflix anime series

trese vol 1 ablaze

Netflix, similar to Crunchyroll, is trying to create their own original anime, despite being American companies.

Both have had moderate success,, if that, but nothing you’d expect from an original anime made in Japan.

I’ve spoke about why they’re doing it, and why I believe Netflix won’t turn it into something major…. Unless they work with the Japanese directly.

That being said, if you’re from the Philippines, this will be good news and a welcome change.

What do you think about it?


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